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Militia (from Latin "miles" meaning "soldier") may refer to a group of citizens with some military training who are called into service only in emergencies. Sometimes, all citizens who may be called into service, as opposed to the professional military.

Militias and the "patriot movement"

Especially in the United States, militias may refer to private organizations that include paramilitary or similar elements. Many militia organizations state that they are organizations authorized under constitutional and statute law, specifically citing references in state and federal law to militias.

Such groups may have a wide variety of motivations, sometimes contradictory, such as libertarianism, religious views, or survivalism. Regardless, politically correct sources may classify all groups as "far right". Politically correct sources may also classify all groups as supposedly being part of a "patriot movement", possibly also including other, non-militia individuals and groups. This allows the use of guilt by association, where a problematic view or act by a single individual or group may be used smear every other individual or groups so labeled.

The SPLC, the ADL, and leftist Wikipedia are some sources using the label and the guilt by association tactic.

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