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Dr. Wesley A. Swift

Wesley Albert Swift (September 6, 1913 - October 08, 1970) born in New Jersey, was a former Methodist minister from Southern California. In the 1948, Swift started his own church, later known as the Church of Jesus Christ Christian (Christian Identity) in Lancaster, California. That same year he spoke before the National Convention of the Christian Nationalist Party held in St. Louis, Missouri.

He was active in national groups, including the Christian Knights of the Invisible Empire, and developed a close friendship with prominent postwar anti-Judaist, Gerald L. K. Smith. Because of the activities of Swift and associates such as Bertrand Comparet and San Jacinto Capt, Christian Identity increasingly became linked with national ideologies. Richard Girnt Butler‎, founder of the Aryan Nations‎, was a close California disciple of Swift.

Swift founded the Christian Defense League in 1964.

Pamphlets and booklets

  • Thy Kingdom Come, Dr. Wesley Swift's Ministry, (1949)
  • Blue Tunic Army of Christ (1975) 27 pages
  • The Mystery of Iniquity 31 pages
  • God, Man, Nations & the Races, 43 pages


Remember that Genghis Khan's invasion of Europe was precipitated by the children of the Dragon and was a part of the Dragon conspiracy. And it was directed against your race. Actually, the hoards of Genghis Khan were gathered together by the Chinese Jew, Chepe Naayon, who was working for the hoards of International Jewry which then existed in ancient Venice. Wesley Smith, April 8 1962 [1]

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