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Bertrand Comparet

Bertrand Lewis Comparet (January 25, 1901 - October 10, 1983) was a Christian Identity minister and attorney. Comparet was a Stanford law graduate and practicing attorney in San Diego, California. He was San Diego assistant district attorney from 1926 to 1932. From 1942 to 1947 he was deputy city attorney for San Diego. He retired in 1968 to become a full time minister for Kingdom Identity Ministries. Together with Dr. Wesley Swift, he co-authored The American Institute of Theology Bible Study Course. [1]

The late Pastor Bertrand L. Comparet coupled his legal training as an Attorney at Law, along with aptitudes in history and the sciences, plus many years of diligent study of the Scriptures to become one of the greatest Bible Scholars of the Twentieth Century. In 1998, Kingdom Identity Ministries was chosen for the responsibility of carrying on the Your Heritage ministry founded by Bertrand Comparet in the 1950's.

He was a member of the Christian Knights of the Invisible Empire.

Books and Articles

A Faith for These Days; A Famine of Hearing the Word of Yahweh; A Kingdom of Priests; A Reward for the Righteous; Adam Was Not the First Man; America is a Bible Land; America's Christian Beginnings; Babylon's Money; Binding the Strong Man; Birthpangs of the Coming Age; Can Anything Be Judeo Christian; Christianity Discriminates; Christianity in the Old Testament; Daniel Freed From the Critic's Den; Daniel's Fifth Kingdom; Destiny Is On Our Side; Destroying Many By Peace; False Prophets; Gathering the Nations; Gathering the Tares; Historic Proof of Israel's Migrations; I Come as a Thief; In Partnership With Yahweh; Isaiah Up-To-Date; Israel in the Book of Revelation; Israel in the New Testament; Israel's Fingerprints; Judgment Begins at the House of Yahweh; Let's Examine the Evidence; Let's Review the Diagnosis; Lift Up Your Heads; Like All the Nations; Looking for Lost Heirs; Lost Foundations; Man and Beast; No Evolution Here; Noah's Flood Was Not World Wide; Not a New Doctrine; Nothing New Under the Sun; Peace In My Days; Power of Attorney; Proof That Yahshua is the Christ; Revelation; Riding the Jet Stream; Russia in Bible Prophecy; Ruth Was An Israelite; Salvation or Redemption; Scattering the Power of the Holy People; Squandering Our Birthright; Stop Helping Yahweh's Enemies; Suppose We Are Israel, What Difference Does It Make?; That's Controversial; The Bible and History; The Bible is Not a Jewish Book; The Bible is Scientific; The Budding of the Fig Tree; The Cain/Satanic Seed Line; The Camouflaged Nation; The Comfort of the Scriptures; The Covenant With Death; The Cup of Wrath; The Day of His Preparation; The Day of Vengeance; The Day of Yahweh; The Destiny of Our Race; The Enemies of God; The Glory of Yahweh; The Good and the Bad Figs; The Great Masquerade; The Higher Calling; The Hydrogen Bomb in Bible Prophecy; The Jewish Trials of Yahshua; The Key to Prophecy; The Kingdom of Heaven or In Heaven; The Laws of God; The Laws of Yahweh Would Stop Crime; The Mark of the Beast; The Meaning of the Sabbath; The Men of His Own House; The Miracle of the Origin of Our Race; The Missing Years in the Life of Christ; The Mystery of Good and Evil; The Mystery of the Ages; The Palace of Strangers; The People of God; The Potter and the Clay; The Rod of Yahweh's Anger; The Roman Trial of Yahshua; The Sanctuary and the Dominion; The Sea and the Waves Roaring; The Sheep and the Goats; The Soldier's Ransom; The Sons of Yahweh; The Stone of Destiny; The Story of Our Flag; The Summit or the Pit; The Time of the Heathen; The Train of Destiny; The Vine of the Earth; The Watchman; The Whole Armor of Yahweh; The Word That Yahshua Has Spoken; There Is No Pacifism in the Bible; Timeless Truths of Our Faith; Unfaithful Shepherds; Was Yahshua a Jew?; We Face the Future; What Gospel?; What Is Religion?; What Jeremiah Planted; Where is the Kingdom?; Who Are the Gentiles?; Who Are the Jews?; Who Is Your God?; Who Is Your Savior?; Whom Did Moses Marry?; Whom Will Ye Serve?; Whose Hammer and Sickle; Why Did Christ Come?; Why Do You Quote That One?; Why We Celebrate Thanksgiving Day; With Healing in His Wings; Yahweh Commands Racial Segregation; Yahweh Give Us Men; Yahweh's Battle Axe; Yahweh's Immigration Laws; Yahweh's Nomination for Public Office; Yahweh's Righteous Remnant; Yahweh's Time Clock; Yashua's Miracles; Ye Are the Light of the World; Your Heritage.

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  1. Race Over Grace: The Racialist Religion of the Christian Identity Movement, By Charles H. Roberts, page 14

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