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The Christian Nationalist Party (formerly the America First Party) was founded by Gerald L. K. Smith who was the party’s candidate in the 1948 US presidential race. Harry A. Romer was the party’s vice presidential pick. The party’s platform was centered upon racial segregation, repatriation of willing Blacks back to Africa, breaking of diplomatic relations with the Soviet Union, ending the US role in the United Nations, and deportation of all Zionists from America.[1]

In 1950 the party achieved ballot access in the state of Missouri. The party had a state-wide slate consisting mainly of Smith staff members: John Hamilton for the US Senate, Opal Tanner for State Auditor, and other congregational candidate seats. Ballot access in Missouri allowed the party to purchase political air time on radio and the new medium of television to present their message to the electorate.

In the 1952 presidential race the party nominated General Douglas MacArthur for President (without his consent) and Jack B. Tenney for Vice President. That year the party was on the ballot in the states of Washington, Missouri, Arkansas, and Texas and received write-in votes in other states. A rival party, the Constitution Party, was also formed that year.


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