List of anti-integrationist organizations and publications

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Below is a list of anti-integrationist organizations and publications:

  • American States Rights Association, Inc.
  • Association Of Citizens' Councils Of Arkansas
  • Association Of Citizens Councils Of Mississippi
  • Association Of Citizens Councils / Citizen Council, Inc. (Greenwood, MS)
  • Citizens Council Of America In Texas, Inc.
  • Citizens Council Of Greater New Orleans, Inc.
  • Citizens Council Of Louisiana, Inc.
  • The Citizens Council, Inc. / Citizens Councils Of America
  • The Councilor
  • The Defenders Of State Sovereignty And Individual Liberties
  • Federation For Constitutional Government
  • For A Better America/FABA Committee
  • League Of Pace Amendment Advocates
  • Manatee County Citizens Council
  • Memphis Citizens Council, Inc.
  • National Association For The Advancement Of White People (OH)
  • National Citizens Protective Association
  • National Putnam Letters Committee
  • North Carolina Defenders Of States Rights, Inc.
  • The Patrick Henry Group
  • South Carolina Independents
  • States' Rights Council Of Georgia, Inc.
  • Tri-State Informer