Lineage of Australian Nationalist organizations and individuals

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The chart below shows the political lineage of Australian Nationalist organizations and individuals.


Eric Campbell

New Guard (1931-1935)

Alexander Rud Mills

Anglecyn Church of Odin (1935)
British Australian Racial Body (1935)
National Socialist (1936)
Odinist Society (1938)

William John Miles

The Publicist (1936-1942)
Australia First Movement (1941-1942)
Eric Butler
League of Rights (1946)
De Wykeham de Louth
Leslie Leismann
P. R. Stephensen

Lang Labor Party

Citizens’ League of South Australia

Social Credit Movement


National Socialist Party of Australia, 1971.png

Frank Browne

Australian Party (1955-1957)
Ken Gates
John Hawkins
Quentin Spedding
John Webster
Arthur Smith
National Australian Worker's Party (1959)
Jack Courtenay
Brian Raven
Graeme Royce
National Socialist Defending Aryan People Party (1990)
National Socialist Party of Australia (1963)
Don Lindsay
Australian National Renaissance Party (1963)
Robert Pope
Odinist Faith and Cultural Mission in Australia (1964)
Edward Cawthron
Australian National Socialist Party

James Saleam

National Action
Australia First Party (1996)

Thomas Potts Graham

E. F. Azzopardi F. K. Salter

National Resistance
Australian National Alliance (January, 1978)
David Greason

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