Lineage of British nationalist organisations and individuals

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The charts below shows the political lineage of British Nationalist organizations and individuals. Each organization or individual listed was influenced or inspired by the previous organization or individual listed.

H. H. Beamish

The Britons (1919)
Militant Christian Patriots
Arnold Leese
Fascist League (1926-1928)
Imperial Fascist League (1928-1940)
National Workers Party (1931)
National Workers Movement (1945-1951)
Colin Jordan
White Defence League (1956-1960)
National Socialist Movement (UK, 1962) associated with American Nazi Party (1959-1966)
World Union of National Socialists (1962)
National Socialist Group
British Movement (1968-1984)
Leader Guard
Eddy Morrison
National Democratic Freedom Movement (1974-1976)
British National Party (1976) associated with World White Nationalist Congress
British National Socialist Movement
National Socialist Action Party (1982)

Rotha Lintorn-Orman

British Fascisti (1923-1935)
National Fascisti (1924-1925)
British National Fascisti (1925-1927)
Arnold Leese
Imperial Fascist League (1929-1940)
British Empire Party (1951)
Oscar Boulton
Unity Band (1930-1939)
Graham Seton Hutchison
British Empire Fascist Party (November, 1933)
National Workers' Movement (1933)
National Socialist Workers' Party
National Workers' Party of Great Britian (1936)

Oswald Mosley

New Party (1931-1932)
British Union of Fascists (1932-1940) renamed British Union of Fascists and National Socialists (1936)
January Club (1934-1936)
William Joyce
National Socialist League (1937-1939)
Jeffrey Hamm
British League of Ex-Servicemen (1937-1948)
Union of British Freemen (1945-1948)
British Workers’ Party for National Unity
John Beckett
British People's Party (1939-1946)
Edward Godfrey
British National Party (1940s)
English National Association (1942)
A. K. Chesterton
British Vigil (1939)
National Front after Victory (1944)
Candour (1953-)
British Resistance
League of Empire Loyalists (1954-1967) associated with Conservative Party (UK)
The A.K. Chesterton Trust (1996-)
Andrew Fountaine
National Front Movement (1958)
John Davis
National Independence Party (UK) (late 1960s)
White Defence League (1956-1960)
National Labour Party (1957-1960)
British National Party (1960-1967)
John Tyndall
Greater Britain Movement (1964-1967)
New National Front (1980-1982)
British National Party (1982-present)
National Action Party (early 1980s)
Nick Griffin
Mark Cotterill
White Nationalist Party (2002-2005)
England First Party (2004)
Nationalist Alliance (2005)
British People's Party (2005)
New British Union (2012-present)
British National Front (1967-present)
National Party (UK, 1976) (1976-1979)
Young National Front (1977)
Rock Against Communism (1978)
National Front Constitutional Movement (1979-1980)
Nationalist Party (1980-)
New National Front (1980-1982)
British National Party (1982-present)
National Action (2013)
Our Nation (December 1983)
International Third Position (1990-)
English Nationalist Movement (1992)
England First (2001)
European National Front
National Revolutionary Faction
National Democrats (UK) (1995)
Alexander Raven Thomson
Union of British Freemen (1944)
Ted Budden
Racial Preservation Society (1960s)
British National Party (1960-1967)
Union Movement (1948-1973)
European Liberation Front (1949-1954)
National Party of Europe
Action Party (1973-1978)
Jeffrey Hamm
League of Saint George (1974)
Action Society (1978-1994)
European Social Movement (March, 1950)

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