Nick Griffin

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Nick Griffin
Nick Griffin
Born Nicholas John Griffin
1 March 1959
Barnet, London, England
Nationality British
Known for Chairman of the British National Party
Occupation activist, politician, writer
Organization British National Party (1995—present)
National Front (1973—1989)

Nicholas John Griffin MEP (born 1 March 1959), better known as Nick Griffin, is a British patriotic politician. He was chairman of the British National Party from 1999 until 2014 and during this time was a Member of the European Parliament for North West England. He is currently president of the British National Party. Griffin is married with four children, and lives in Wales.

Griffin was born in Barnet, London, and was educated in Suffolk. He joined the National Front aged 15, and following his graduation from Cambridge University became a political worker for the party. In 1980 he became a member of its governing body, and later wrote articles for patriotic magazines. He was the party's candidate for the seat of Croydon North West in 1981 and 1983. He left the National Front in 1989, and in 1995 joined the British National Party, becoming its leader in 1999. He stood as the party's candidate in several elections, and in 2009 was elected as a member of the European Parliament for North West England in the 2009 European Elections.


Nicholas John Griffin was born in Barnet, London, England on 1 March 1959 to Edgar Griffin and Jean Thomas. His paternal grandfather Edward John Griffin was born in 1881 at Pontypool, Wales. It is unclear whether this ancestor was ethnically Welsh (name dervied from Gruffudd) or Irish (name dervied from O'Griobhta in Munster), however, he was certainly of Celtic stock indigenous to the British Isles. His mother too appears to be of Welsh origin, although he also has some English ancestry. Griffin's father was a member of the Conservative Party until his expulsion in 2001 and served as a local councillor for St Marylebone Borough during the early 1960s; for a time he also served in the Royal Air Force (RAF). Nick Griffin was educated at Suffolk in his youth and went on to graduate from Cambridge University.

July 2014, he stepped down as head of BNP.[1]


Same-sex marriage isn't about rights of gay people. It's fundamentally an attack by a Trotskyite Leftist and capitalist elite which wants the pink pound and the pink dollar. It's an attack on marriage. It's an attack on tradition. It's an attack on the fabric of our society. ... Teach them about homosexuality? That's not in any way for the rights of homosexuals. That's some dirty pervert trying to mess with the minds of my kids and I think it's great that a major European power has stood up and said: Leave our kids alone!
—Nick Griffin[2]

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