White Defence League

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White Defence League

Sunwheel Flag

Political position British nationalism
Social nationalism
White nationalism
Leader Colin Jordan
Country United Kingdom
Existence 1957–1960
Headquarters Arnold Leese House,
Notting Hill, London
Newspaper Black and White News
The Nationalist
Colours Red, white, blue

The White Defence League (WDL) was a British nationalist political group headquarter in Notting Hill, London. Formed in 1956[1] it was a splinter group from the League of Empire Loyalists, formed from those who resented the LEL's refusal to contest elections and its strong links to the Conservative Party. The WDL was vehemently against demographic genocide and engaged in popular marches. In 1959 the group actively campaigned against Dr. David Pitt, the foreign Labour candidate for Hampstead. In 1960 the WDL merged with the National Labour Party to form the old British National Party.

The group was led by Colin Jordan, who was the leading British exponent of National Socialism. The WDL had offices in both London and Coventry and produced its own newspaper Black and White News sporadically between 1958 and 1959. John Tyndall had also been a member.


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