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The European Liberation Front (ELF) was founded in 1949 by Francis Parker Yockey, Guy Chesham, Peter Huxley-Blythe, Anthony F.X. Baron, and Anthony Gannon. With the exception of Yockey, an American, the group was largely British who were former members of Sir Oswald Mosley's Union Movement. According to Gannon the group was the first to use the words "Liberation Front" in its name. The organization was active until 1954 and published Frontfighter.

The European Liberation Front issued a manifesto The Proclamation of London (1949) which contained a twelve-point program and represented the main ideas in Yockey’s major work Imperium. Yockey wanted the Proclamation of London to be the European answer to Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto which was issued a century earlier in 1848.

Unlike many nationalists on the Continent the ELF at the time favored the Soviet Union’s approach to a divided Europe over America. The group's greatest strength was around 150 supporters. After 1954 many of the members went on to the League of Empire Loyalists and the Northern League.

The slogan of the ELF was Europe Awake!


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