The Enemy of Europe

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The Enemy of Europe is a 1953 book by Francis Parker Yockey. A sequel to Imperium: The Philosophy of History and Politics, it focused on the causes and effects of World War II. It also included other views and analyses, such as a prediction of a third world war. The claimed enemy of (White) Europe referred to in the title was the United States.

Revilo P. Oliver wrote a criticism titled The Enemy of Our Enemies, also included in a later book titled The Enemy of Europe/The Enemy of Our Enemies.


  • Introductory Note
  • The Morphology of the Second World War
    • The First Interbellum-Period 1919-1930
    • The Liquidation of English Sovereignty
    • Origins of the war
    • Stronger Power-Currents in the Age of Absolute Politics
  • The Metapolitics of the War
    • Three Aspects of the War
    • Results of the War
    • The Power-Problems of the War
  • The Morphology of the Third World War
    • The American Occupation of Europe
    • The Demise of the Western Nations
    • The Inner Enemy of Europe
    • The outer Enemies of Europe
  • The Politics of Europe
    • The Definition of Enemy
    • The Power-Problems of the Second Interbellum-Period
    • The American Power-Accumulation
    • The Concert of Bolshevism
    • The Political Enemy of Europe

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