The Enemy of Europe

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The Enemy of Europe

The Enemy of Europe by Francis Parker Yockey was originally written in the early 1950s as sequel to his most important work Imperium (1948). In 1953 a translation of his manuscript was first published in German as Der Feind Europas; later it was published in English. The book largely focuses on presenting his perspective of how World War II started, the effects of the war on the various European nations, which nations truly won and lost, the international political situation after the war, a prediction of a third world war, and other related political events and analyses.


Quotes from the Book

  • "Europe also recognises its Inner Enemy: Whosoever pursues another policy than that of a sovereign Europe, whether this be the policy of America-Jewry or Russia, is the Inner Enemy. Petty-statists and petty-nationalists sink to the level of spies and foreign agents. Loyalty to Europe excludes every other political loyalty. No European owes the petty-state of his birth any allegiance whatever, for all these tiny erstwhile-states are now simply anti-European tools in the hands of our Enemy, the Washington regime. Europe is equal to its historic task. Against the anti-spiritual, antiheroic 'ideals' of America-Jewry, Europe pits its metaphysical ideas, its faith in its Destiny, its ethical principles, its heroism. Fearlessly, Europe falls in for battle, knowing it is armed with the mightiest weapon ever forged by History: the superpersonal Destiny of the European organism."


  • Introductory Note
  • The Morphology of the Second World War
    • The First Interbellum-Period 1919-1930
    • The Liquidation of English Sovereignty
    • Origins of the war
    • Stronger Power-Currents in the Age of Absolute Politics
  • The Metapolitics of the War
    • Three Aspects of the War
    • Results of the War
    • The Power-Problems of the War
  • The Morphology of the Third World War
    • The American Occupation of Europe
    • The Demise of the Western Nations
    • The Inner Enemy of Europe
    • The outer Enemies of Europe
  • The Politics of Europe
    • The Definition of Enemy
    • The Power-Problems of the Second Interbellum-Period
    • The American Power-Accumulation
    • The Concert of Bolshevism
    • The Political Enemy of Europe

Additions to the Reprint

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The English reprint of Yockey's book The Enemy of Europe was done by Liberty Bell Publications in 1981 which included a lengthy critique by Revilo Oliver titled The Enemy of Our Enemies. This critique strikes many people as containing valid points, but not everyone is in agreement with that, since it may be viewed as a biased and invalid reassertion of materialism.

Publication Data

  • Yockey, Francis Parker. The Enemy of Europe. York, SC: Liberty Bell Publications, 1981. ISBN 094209400X

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