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The Northern League presents its principles (heredity, North European kinship, human progress) and aims (to “foster North European friendship,” “oppose the levelling forces of Communistic and Cosmopolitan philosophy,” and “combat cultural and biological decay”).

The Northern League for Pan-Nordic Friendship (sometimes referred to as Northern League for North European Friendship) was a pan-Germanic organization founded on 1 March 1958 with close ties to the National States Rights Party. It had district offices in Coventry and Düsseldorf, later also California (Willis Carto). Politically correct sources such as the leftist Wikipedia refer to it only as the "Northern League", possibly finding the word "Friendship" problematic in smears.


The Northlander, Nr. 1, 1958

Professor Roger Pearson formed the Northern League in collaboration with Peter Huxley-Blythe and Colin Jordan with connections in Germany and North America with headquarters in Martley House, Viewfield, Dunfermline, Scotland (the FBI later claims "World Headquarters" in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and the "Organizing Secretary" of the "Agency of North America" in Lakeland, Florida).[1]

Pearson was impressed by the massive dysgenic loss resulting from internecine war in Europe. He was further impressed by the cultural destruction when he visited war-torn Europe as a student in 1950, and found inspiration at a student summer school in Aachen University in Germany, funded by several European governments with the goal of promoting healing across Europe. Pearson instinctively perceived its value and four years later, when employed with a British bank in Calcutta, he founded Northern World, a Cultural, Non-Political Journal of North European Friendship, with the particular goal of promoting reconciliation between the closely related nations of Northern Europe who had so recently been engaged in destroying each other. This small idealistic journal was favorably received in like-minded circles, including the famed author J.R.R. Tolkien and the agrarian environmentalist, Rolf Gardner, both of whom sent personal letters of congratulation. The success of this venture led Pearson, now a rising business executive, to announce the formation of a society to promote North European friendship. Under Pearson's leadership the new League for North European Friendship remained a cultural and essentially non-political organization, but with his business responsibilities mounting rapidly, by 1961 Pearson found it necessary to resign his membership and from all responsibilities in the Northern League. Following his withdrawal, the League became more political.[2]

Other British members included Robert Gayre, Alistair Harper, and John Tyndall. Roger Pearson was a living link between National Socialist academics such as Hans F. K. Günther and Franz Altheim, both of whom were active in the early days of the Northern League.


According to the "Aims and Principles of the Northern League for Pan-Nordic Friendship", Northern Europeans are the "purest survival of the great Indo-Germanic family of nations, sometimes described as the Caucasian race and at other times as the Aryan race". Almost all the "classic civilisations of the past were the product of these Indo-European peoples". Intermarriage with conquered peoples was said to produce the decay of these civilizations, particularly through interbreeding with slaves. "The rising tide of Color" threatens to overwhelm European society, and would result in the "biological annihilation of the subspecies".



  • Our "liberal" elements constantly agitate for expanded immigration. Should we follow their program and allow our land to be swamped by the types of humans who are numerically dominant in the lands to our south, we will sink to the debased levels of those areas. Our period of greatness will be ended and it will be our unhappy fate to witness our country being plunged into a state of permanent eclipse. We offer no apologies for our prejudice in favor of our kind, for we hold that those who are not so biased are abnormal. Nor do we pass this by lightly, for we see them as sick to the point of death. They prepare the way for their own and our extinction. We prefer survival.Byram Campbell[3]

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