Northern League for North European Friendship

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The Northern League for North European Friendship was an organization founded in 1958.

Politically correct sources such as the leftist Wikipedia refer to it only as the "Northern League", possibly finding the word "Friendship" problematic in smears.

Roger Pearson was involved between 1958 and 1961. There are various dubious and false allegations regarding the organization. Pearson has stated that "he founded Northern World, a Cultural, Non-Political Journal of North European Friendship, with the particular goal of promoting reconciliation between the closely related nations of Northern Europe who had so recently been engaged in destroying each other. This small idealistic journal was favorably received in like-minded circles, including the famed author J.R.R. Tolkien and the agrarian environmentalist, Rolf Gardner, both of whom sent personal letters of congratulation.  The success of this venture led Pearson, now a rising business executive, to announce the formation of a society to promote North European friendship. Under Pearson's leadership the new League for North European Friendship remained a cultural and essentially non-political organization, but with his business responsibilities mounting rapidly, by 1961 Pearson found it necessary to resign his membership and from all responsibilities in the Northern League. Following his withdrawal, the League became more political."[1]

He also stated that "The Northern League most certainly did NOT advocate National Socialism, Fascism nor any other totalitarian political system during Pearson’s period of membership, nor 'Pan-Germanism' for that matter, whatever may or may not have been the case after he had resigned from it. If the Northern League under Pearson had been neo-Nazi it would never have been permitted by the post-war German authorities to hold its nationally televised 1959 international conference in Detmold, Germany. Contrary to what Wikipedia currently asserts, it is also untrue that the local press described the proceedings as being of a National Socialist character.  Cuttings from the local press were simply newsy and friendly. The person responsible for this statement may have based it on an unfriendly report in a committed leftist publication in Sweden, far distant from Detmold, and not represented at the conference. Anyone who applied was entitled to “join” the Northern League and ‘membership’ involved little more than purchasing a subscription to receive League publications." Pearson also criticized allegations involving the organization and the National Socialist Germany-associated Franz Altheim and Hans F. K. Guenther.[2]

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