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Roger Pearson (b. 21 August 1927) is a professor of anthropology, "conservationist, advocate of voluntary eugenics, author of two major text books and publisher of three peer-reviewed scholarly journals."[1]

Pearson states on his homepage that as a consequence of his not politically correct views "varied and generally libelous attacks on Pearson, most of them in fact rather fantastical and deeply offensive, have accumulated over the years. This persecution is especially rife on the internet. However, over the decades, libel and other significant errors have also accumulated in a number of published books, some written by drama-seeking journalists but others by authors who despite holding university positions have lamentably failed to check the authenticity of their sources."[1]

"It is sad that, through no fault of its own, Wikipedia is so routinely and extensively misused in this respect, strongly politicized texts being uncritically used and false data about Pearson being placed on Wikipedia, across many entries, more frequently than Pearson has time to identify them. Indeed, corrections contributing to a more just impression of Pearson are generally reversed out of hand by committed activists (whose Wikipedia accounts automatically alert them to changes) often even before the Wikipedian making the corrections has completed the task. Furthermore, sustained attempts to maintain an entirely honest and fair Wikipedia entry have so far drawn an even greater weight of fire both on and off Wikipedia."[1]

As such, please see Pearson's homepage linked to in the "External links" regarding biographical details.

Roger Pearson is particularly scathing of Franz Boas and his followers and the way they gradually perverted the science of anthropology for political purposes.[2]

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