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Orthographic projection

North Africa or Northern Africa is the northernmost region of the African continent, separated by the Sahara from Sub-Saharan Africa.


North Africa regions map.png

Geopolitically, the UN definition of Northern Africa includes the following seven territories:[1]

The sometimes disputed territory of Western Sahara is administered by Morocco; the Polisario Front also claims it. The Spanish plazas de soberanía (exclaves) are on the southern coast of the Mediterranean Sea, surrounded by Morocco on land.

The Spanish Canary Islands and Portuguese Madeira Islands in the North Atlantic Ocean are northwest of the African mainland and sometimes included in this region. Geographically, Mauritania and more rarely the Azores are sometimes included.


The Maghreb includes Western Sahara (claimed by Morocco), Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya. North Africa generally is often included in common definitions of the Middle East, as both regions make up the Arab world. In addition, the Sinai Peninsula of Egypt is part of Asia, making Egypt a transcontinental country.

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