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Libya is today a destabilsed country in North Africa. For centuries it had been part of the Roman Empire followed by the Ottoman Empire as the provinces of Tripolitania and Cyrenaica. Following a quick war in 1911 Italy occupied the entire provinces until 1943, when, during World War II, the western plutocratic Allies evicted Italian forces.

Its population in 1935 was 1,345,000.

Recent history

Italy set about building a model colony in Libya, with modern infrastructures, harbours, etc. The western Allies refused to restore Libya to Italy following World War II and independence was thrust upon the country. Libya was until recently a relatively wealthy country in Africa, for reasons such as its large petroleum reserves and its small population. The most recent long-time leader of Libya was Muammar Gaddafi (1942-2011) from 1969 until his murder.

In 2011, the American invented Arab Spring unrest transformed into the Libyan Civil War with participation by NATO, notably involving Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, and its towns were heavily bombed by the USAF. Gaddafi was murdered. Civil unrest continues to this day.

Some of current results of the war is that a relatively stable country has been devastated; the war causing mass killings and other atrocities; a large scale migration of individuals claiming to be refugees from the war arriving in Europe; terrorists from the war arriving in Europe; and rising religious fundamentalism and terrorism in Libya and elsewhere.

Another stated effect is having made it harder to convince countries such as North Korea to voluntarily give up their nuclear weapons, since North Korea may view this skeptically after Libya was attacked after giving up its nuclear weapons program.[1]


There are millions of blacks who could come out of the Mediterranean to cross to France and Italy, and Libya plays a role in the security of the Mediterranean.
—Gaddafi in 2011 before his death.[2]

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  1. Thanks to Libya, North Korea Might Never Negotiate on Nuclear Weapons
  2. Qaddafi Warns France: If I Go Down, You Will Be Flooded With "Millions Of Blacks"