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Mankind Quarterly is a peer-reviewed academic journal. In its description of itself the journal states that it was founded as a quarterly journal of anthropology, in the broadest sense of “the science of man,” in 1961. The founders included some of the most renowned scholars of their time in the field of anthropology and related disciplines. They were united in the view that biological and cultural diversity can only be understood as the outcomes of evolutionary, ecological, and historic processes. In short, Mankind Quarterly was established as a journal for those scholars who still believed in a unified “science of man” that studies the interactions between biological and cultural diversity. It was first published in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1961, and then, from 1979 to 2014, by the Council for Social and Economic Studies in Washington, D.C. In January 2015, publication was transferred to the Ulster Institute for Social Research in London, England.[1]

"Throughout its existence, Mankind Quarterly has maintained its character as a journal devoted to the interdisciplinary study of man. Today the editorial board includes scholars from a wide variety of disciplines, from primatology, physical anthropology, cultural anthropology and human genetics, to psychology, sociology, mythology and history. Despite their diverse expertise and views, the editors share a common interest in the evolutionary and historical processes that generate human diversity."[1]

"Mankind Quarterly is not and never has been afraid to publish articles in controversial areas, including behavioral race differences and the importance of mental ability for individual outcomes and group differences. During the “Bell Curve wars” of the 1990s, it received considerable criticism when opponents realized that much of the work cited by Herrnstein and Murray had first been published in Mankind Quarterly. However, this science has stood the test of time, and MQ is still prepared to publish controversial findings and theories."[1]

There have been numerous non-scientific attacks against the journal such as ad hominem attacks against its former editor Roger Pearson. These have been criticized for numerous errors. The current (2019) editor is Edward Dutton the famous anthropologist and author of several books including Race Differences in Ethno-Centrism (2019 - available from Arktos) and How to Judge People by what they look like (2018).

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