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Existence 1953—present
Type printed journal
Purpose British nationalism
Location United Kingdom
Affiliation National Front (previously)
Leader A. K. Chesterton (1953-1973)
Rosine de Bounevialle (1973-1999)

Candour is a British nationalist journal founded and edited by A.K. Chesterton until his death in 1973. It is Britain’s longest running nationalist journal. The first issue appeared on October 30, 1953 as the successor to Truth magazine of which Chesterton had been deputy editor. The money first subscribed was sufficient to cover only printing and basic costs, but the early months of the paper brought financial support, particularly from R.K. Jeffery, a Chile-based British millionaire.

Candour was intended to "serve as a link between Britons all over the world in protest against the surrender of their world heritage."

After Chesterton's death, Candour was edited by Miss Rosine de Bounevialle [1] until her own death in 1999. It continues to be published by The A.K. Chesterton Trust, although irregularly, with the latest issue printed in August 2018.[2]


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