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The A.K. Chesterton Trust was re-formed by Colin Todd and the late Miss. Rosine de Bounevialle in January 1996 to succeed and continue the work of the now defunct Candour Publishing Company.

The objects of the Trust are as follows:

“To promote and expound the principles of A.K. Chesterton which are defined as being to demonstrate the power of, and to combat the power of International Finance, and to promote the National Sovereignty of the British World.”

The aims include:

• Maintaining and expanding the range of material relevant to A.K. Chesterton and his associates throughout his life.

• To preserve and keep in-print important works on British Nationalism in order to educate the current generation of our people.

• The maintenance and recovery of the sovereign independence of the British Peoples throughout the world.

• The strengthening of the spiritual and material bonds between the British Peoples throughout the world.

• The resurgence at home and abroad of the British spirit.

• To continue to publish the journal, Candour.

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