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William John ("Billy") Cameron (December 29, 1878 – August 4, 1955) was a journalist and public relations representative for Henry Ford and the Ford Motor Company. He edited Ford's The Dearborn Independent and wrote a column called "Mr. Ford’s Page." Cameron wrote a series of articles for the paper which would later be published in a book called The International Jew: The World’s Foremost Problem. Cameron remained with the Independent until the paper ceased publication in 1927.

William Cameron was born in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. From 1904 to 1918 he was a reporter and staff writer for the Detroit News.

British Israelism

Cameron was part of the British-Israelite Movement believing the Anglo-Saxon peoples of the world and their descendents originated with the Biblical tribes of Israel. He was closely associated with the Anglo-Saxon Federation and served on their executive committee.[1] Cameron interpreted the Bible as a racial book and was one of the first to claim "The Jews are not God’s chosen people."[2] He helped to start the transition of British Israelism into Christian Identity.

Cameron was also a large contributor to fundamentalist minister Gerald Winrod.



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