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The Christian Anti-Jewish Party was founded by J. B. Stoner and Emmett Morris in 1952. That year Stoner ran for US Congress under the party banner and received 934 votes in the 3rd congressional district of Tennessee.[1] The party had previously been called the Stoner Anti-Jewish Party which was founded in 1946. The party was largely a mass mailing front based in Atlanta, Georgia. Stoner reportedly said he founded the party to "out-Hitler, Hitler" and "to make being Jewish a crime, punishable by death." One of the earliest members of the party was Edward Fields, who held the position of Executive Secretary. Stoner presented himself with the title "Arch Leader."[2]

On August 16 and 17, 1954 six members of the party picketed outside the White House. They called for the overthrow of Jewish control and a reversal of the recent Supreme Court decision on segregation, Brown v. the Board of Education.[3]

In 1957 the party was renamed and became the United White Party.


  • "Defend The White Race"[4]


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