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Cosmotheism (religious symbol)

Cosmotheism is a religious concept developed by William L. Pierce (1933-2002) in the mid-1970s . He expressed his religious philosophy in early writings and lectures, later presented in three separate pamphlets: The Path, On Living Things, and On Society. [1] William Pierce was the founder of the National Alliance. Some see Cosmotheism as a form of panentheism, a belief that an impersonal God is the animating force within the universe.

Cosmotheism asserts that "all is within God and God is within all." It considers the nature of reality and of existence to be mutable and destined to co-evolve towards a complete "universal consciousness," or godhood. Cosmos means an orderly and harmonious universe and thus the divine is tantamount to reality and consciousness, an inseparable part of an orderly, harmonious, and whole universal system.

In his 1976 speech "Our Cause" Video [2], Pierce said:

"All we require is that you share with us a commitment to the simple, but great, truth which I have explained to you here, that you understand that you are a part of the whole, which is the creator, that you understand that your purpose, the purpose of mankind and the purpose of every other part of creation, is the creator's purpose, that this purpose is the never-ending ascent of the path of creation, the path of life symbolized by our life rune, that you understand that this path leads ever upward toward the creator's self-realization, and that the destiny of those who follow this path is godhood."

His interpretation of cosmotheism developed from several sources: interpretations of George Bernard Shaw's play Man and Superman; strains of German Romanticism; Darwinian concepts of natural selection and of survival of the fittest, mixed with the related early 20th century eugenic ideals; and Ernst Haeckel's version of monism.

Pierce described his form of panentheism as being based on "[t]he idea of an evolutionary universe … with an evolution toward ever higher and higher states of self-consciousness," and his political ideas were centered on racial purity and eugenics as the means of advancing the white race first towards a superhuman state, and then towards godhood. In his view, the white race represented the pinnacle of human evolution thus far and therefore should be kept genetically separate from all other races in order to achieve its destined perfection in godhood.

Pierce believed in a hierarchical society governed by what he saw as the essential principles of nature, including the survival of the fittest. In his social schema, the best-adapted genetic stock, which he believed to be the white race, should remain separated from other races; and within an all-white society, the most fit individuals should lead the rest. He thought that extensive programs of "racial cleansing" (mass expulsion) and of eugenics, both in Europe and in the U.S., would be necessary to achieve this socio-political program.


The symbol for Cosmotheism chosen by William Pierce was the Algiz rune, which is also referred to as the Life Rune. The symbol represents the process of birth and renewal, and to Cosmotheists signifies the upward path of Life that Cosmotheists strive to follow. Cosmotheists sometimes refer to themselves as "People of the Rune."[2] The symbol is the same as that of the National Alliance, also founded by Pierce.

Early Cosmotheist writings and lectures

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The ADL which monitors extremist groups and provides inaccurate “research” to media outlets has made the false claim Cosmotheism is a form of Christian Identity religion.[3] This error was apparently due to inaccurate reporting of the Spokesman-Review on Dr. Pierce's attendance of a 1986 Aryan Nations congress in Idaho.[4]

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