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Robert S. Griffin

Robert S. Griffin is a professor of education at the University of Vermont. He is best known for three books that examine the status of white or European heritage people and, in places, advocate for them: The Fame of a Dead Man’s Deeds (a biography of American White nationalist leader William Pierce), One Sheaf, One Vine, and Living White. Two other books central to his thinking: Sports in the Lives of Children and Adolescents; and While There’s Time, a collection of essays on education. He has also written around thirty short pieces during this period—articles, reviews, an afterword to a book, a published speech, a commentary--most of them on the topic of race. His writings have involved the consideration of topics related to history, philosophy, race, religion, the arts, the mass media, parenting, the process of growing up, gender, education, sports, personal health and fulfillment. He has written for The Occidental Quarterly .

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