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Max French in Canada
May 9, 2016

David Maxwell "Max" French is a Canadian political activist. He was born in 1960 in Moncton, New Brunswick and resides in the Greater Rostov-on-Don Area. A retired mainline freight conductor, French served with Canadian Pacific Railway for 27 years.[[1]][[2]] French describes himself as a life-long motorcyclist [[3]], adventurer, father, grandfather and political scientist. He is an internationalist nationalist who believes in the right of self-determination for all peoples irrespective of race.


From 1977 to 1984, French lived in the United States and travelled extensively for seven years working with various patriotic and anti-zionist groups.[[4]] (In 2012, the Department of Homeland Security banned French from the United States as a 'security threat'.) French lived and worked at Richard G. Butler's compound at various times from 1980 to 1984.[[5]]

French shares some recollections of David Lane:

"I first met David at AN in 1980 when as a 19 year old kid, I had left Calgary, and arrived at the old dairy farm and the adventure of a life time. I found productive work in the print shop helping David and Gary Yarbrough. I remember a sadness always over Dave, even as he was quick to laugh at my (sometimes) exaggerated goofiness and jokes. He was very, very, dedicated and always had a solemness as if on a holy mission. I liked Dave and really enjoyed his company off and on over 4 years or so. I think of him now and then. The memories bring me solace and comfort".[[6]]

"David would reject entirely the use of the Fourteen Words by the worst elements in thrall of cartoon ideology and especially by those who murder their fellow countrymen, women and children, while taking orders and money from the likes of Igor Kolomoisky and Petro Waltzman 'Poroshenko'.

French met Robert E. Miles at Richard G. Butler's compound in Hayden Lake, Idaho in 1981 and continued to attend Miles' gatherings in Cohoctah, Michigan up to his death in 1992. Quoting French:

"We listened rapt as Pastor Miles told us of his times aboard aircraft ferrying agents in and out from behind enemy lines in wartime France. Bob was an ethnic Russian and proud of it. Of all those I met while in the 'States, he stood out as a true giant. We, his pupils miss him and his wonderful wife Dotty still and always".[[7]]

French returned to Canada in May, 1984.[[8]]

From 1985 to 1990, French, among many others, helped Ernst Zundel through three Holocaust revision trials.

In October 1986, French travelled to Germany and met with, among others, Grossdeutschland Generalleutnant Otto Ernst Remer.

[[9]]. [[10]]

French returned to the U.S. in March, 1988 and testified for the defense in America's second sedition trial. [[11]]

In 1989, French met Wolfgang Droege after the latter's return to Canada. For 15 years they shared many adventures.[[12]]

Also in1989, French and several others travelled to Libya as guests of the Muammar al-Gaddafi government to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the Libyan revolution. Quoting French: "Some of our fellow guests made death threats against us on the ship from Malta to Tripoli. What boors. Our hosts were naturally outraged at this and made special arrangements for us. We were bussed to Gaddafi's private compound outside Tripoli (his meeting tent was set up there). We were housed in private cottages and included in very generous buffets. I remember Comandante Daniel Ortega arriving late one day, resplendent in a white suit with trademark dark sunglasses in a white stretch-limo with motorcycle police escort. Exciting times![[13]]

In 1995, French met Tom Metzger and his son John in Toronto. Quoting French:

"Tom was always and still is far ahead of the crowd in matters of racial cooperation and Russia's unique place in the Order of Battle against the enemy of Mankind. A powerfully strategic thinker and Statesman. His rapier sense of humour and quick wit make our tasks always easier!"[[14]]

From June 2012 to January 2015, French contributed to The Ugly Truth network and was a host of [15] The Victory Hour-Russian Front heard on [16] The Ugly Truth Radio Network.

On October 3rd 2012 at a gathering in Toronto, French met Lady Michèle Renouf where they shared some common acquaintances from French's autograph book. Quoting French "A lovely and courageous lady who's campaign (among others) is to remove illegitimate 'Israel' from Palestine to European Jewry's first homeland peacefully established since 1928 in Birobidjan." [[17]] [[18]]

Throughout the month of May 2015, French travelled to Russia with his friend Louis Beam, [[19]] visiting Moscow, [[20]] Sapsan to Saint Petersburg, 50 hour coach train to Vladikavkaz and a final rail journey to Rostov-on-Don.[[21]]. [[22]]

The translation of an interview of Philospher-Statesman Claudio Mutti by Max French and Alexandr Mezentsev can be accessed at Bogdan Herzog's website. [[23]]

“Bogdan Herzog is a Romanian author, editor and a student of Geopolitics & International Affairs. His articles and research focus on subjects such as European Identity, Eurasianism and the Global Axis of Resistance to the unipolar world. He has translated into Romanian the works of landmark resistance authors such as Claudio Mutti and Louis Beam. Quoting Bogdan: "As a municipal councillor, I was probably the only Romanian elected official who publicly expressed sympathy towards the policies of Russia and Vladimir Putin.”

A confirmed Russophile, French speaks very highly of Russia's people, culture, history and destiny.

Quoting French: "In Russia, the Empire has finally encountered an immovable object. Once again she is cast by the Almighty as protector of the weak and the very defender of civilization. The World Island War has begun."

"We'll hang 'em in Nurnberg!"

Max French's speech

Max French delivered a speech to The Habilian Association Conference Against Terrorism in Tehran, Iran on August 30, 2013.[1]


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