George E. Deatherage

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George E. Deatherage
Born George Edward Deatherage
November 15, 1893(1893-11-15)
Died March 31, 1965 (aged 71)

George Edward Deatherage photo (November 15, 1893 - March 31, 1965) was a political nationalist and an engineer by training. He was the founder of the American Nationalist Confederation which attempted to unite all nationalist organizations. He also founded the Knights of the White Camellia in August 1935 with him holding the title of Grand Commander. He organized the American Christian Nationalist Party. He was on the Executive Committee of the National Workers' League.[1] He was a defendant in the Great Sedition Trial of 1944.

George Deatherage was born in Duluth, Minnesota in 1893.[2] After the First World War he lived on the eastern coast of Russia (Siberia) from 1919 to 1921 and witnessed the Bolshevik Terror. In 1932 he lived in London.[3]

He settled in St. Albans, West Virginia.

In February 1942 he lost his employment on a US Navy contract after Secretary Knox said he was an "undesirable person".[4]

As an engineer Deatherage authored several books on construction.[5]

He wrote speeches for General George Van Horn Moseley[6] and was a close associate of Johannes Klapproth the head of the American section of the German news agency World Service.[7] At the 1937 World Service's Pan-Aryan Anti-Jewish Union conference held in Erfurt, Germany Deatherage's speech titled, "Will America be the Jews’ Waterloo?" was read to those in attendance.

Deatherage was a close associate with James True a Washington-based news correspondent and Mrs. Leslie Fry a wealthy "mover and shaker" in behind the scenes American nationalism.

After the sedition mistrial in December 1944 he ran a contracting business in Baltimore.

By the 1950s George Deatherage was living in Palm Beach, Florida working as a research specialist with columnists Upton Close and Don Bell.[8] He was Regional Director of America First in Satsuma, Florida and worked with Tyler Kent’s newspaper The Putnam Sun.

In 1965 George E. Deatherage died in Volusia County, Florida.[9]



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  • Survival! Methods of Survival If the Red Terror Should Strike!!! by Don Bell and George E. Deatherage (1956)

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