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American Nationalist Confederation was an umbrella organization first organized in Kansas City, Missouri at the Hotel Phillips on August 20, 1937. The purpose of the meeting was to unite various nationalist organizations in America. The founder of the confederation was George Deatherage who at the time was working on behalf of Leslie Fry a wealthy behind-the-scenes activist who operated on an international level.[1]

Some of the groups who attended the initial meeting were: the Militant Christian Patriots, American Vigilante Intelligence Federation,Defenders of the Christian Faith, American People's Party, Silver Shirts of America, Crusaders for Economic Liberty, Edmond­son Economic Service, Washington's Bodyguards; and the German-American Bund.

The organization published a news bulletin which claimed to be “"official organ of the Fascist Party in America -- the American Nationalist Confederation -- printing the News Behind the News -- without fear or favor -- upholding the principles of America for Americans." The bulletin was issued from St. Albana, West Virginia and contained a swastika in the heading of the publication. George Deatherage believed the swastika should be used as the uniting symbol of their movement and advocated the lighting or burning of the symbol in the evening hours similarly to the Ku Klux Klan erecting the fiery cross.

In California the group operated under the name the Anti-Communist Federation of America and was closely affiliated with the German American Bund. The group would meet at the Bund's Deutsches Haus in Los Angeles.


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