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RIGHT was a monthly San Francisco-based newsletter (at times described as a bulletin or leaflet-type publication) subtitled A Monthly Newsletter of, by and for the American Rightwing. Later the publication was retitled RIGHT: The Journal of Forward-Looking American Nationalism.[1] The publication was started in 1955 by Willis Carto signifying a break with traditional conservatism and now supporting nationalist causes,. Bradford Martin was the publication's editor.[2] Sixty issues were published from October 1955 to September 1960.

RIGHT supported minor political parties of an extreme conservative or hard right bent. Some of these were the American Woman’s Party founded by Blanch Winters, the Christian Party in Georgia led by J. B. Stoner and Edward Fields, the Constitution Party in Texas, Greenback Party in Indiana, and the neo-fascist National Renaissance Party of New York City.[3] The May 1960 issued featured an article on George Lincoln Rockwell and his startup American Nazi Party titled "Nazism: The White Man’s Ultimate Weapon."[4]

Carto contributed articles under the name “E.L. Anderson Ph.D.” Another contributor was British anthropologist Roger Pearson wrote under the pseudonym “Edward Langford.”[5]

The Anti-Defamation League described RIGHT as "an outlet for anti-Semitic propaganda and a clearing house for information about the activities of Anti-Semites and Anti-Semitic organizations."[6]


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