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Charles Bartlett Hudson (January 18, 1892 - July 1972) photo from Omaha, Nebraska was a science fiction writer[1] and a defendant in the Great Sedition Trial of 1944. He was the publisher of America in Danger!.[2] He worked with the German foreign press agency Welt-Dienst.[3]

Before America entered the war, Hudson called for a “Mothers’ March on Washington” to protest pending legislation known as Lend-Lease which would aid Great Britain in her war with Germany. In September 1940 Hudson issued the call in his publication. The next month he and Reverend Gerald Winrod meet with Elizabeth Dilling in Chicago to discuss the march. On February 5, 1941 Elizabeth Dilling and several hundred women--mostly from Midwestern states--marched on the halls of Congress.

Hudson was a mentor to James H. Madole who later became the leader of the New York-based National Renaissance Party.

In 1955 Charles Hudson was living in Newcastle, Wyoming working as a ticket agent for the Continental Trailways Bus Company.

From 1962 to 1967 his issued the Charles B. Hudson Bulletin


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