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Myron Coureval Fagan (October 31, 1887 - May 12, 1972) was a Jewish American writer, producer and director for film and theatre. He is noted as being an opponent against communism in Hollywood and Zionism in the Middle East. To this end Myron Fagan wrote dozens of pamphlets exposing these twin conspiracies.

Fagan arrived on Broadway in 1907, where he quickly became one of the youngest playwrights in American Theater. Over the years, he worked in the theater with such luminaries as Alla Nazimova, Douglas Fairbanks, and John Barrymore. He also directed plays for the top producers of the era such as Charles Frohman, David Belasco and others. Fagan also became the dramatic editor of The Associated Newspapers. Many of the actors including Humphrey Bogart, Brian Donlevy and Robert Ryan whom Fagan directed or who appeared in his plays or screen adaptions later became stars in Hollywood.


He was married to actress Minna Gombell, who starred in many of his productions.

In 1916 Fagan took a break from the theater to served as Director of Public Relations for Republican Presidential candidate Charles Evans Hughes. When a similar offer was made in 1928 to him by Herbert Hoover he turned it down.

In 1929 the talking picture version of his play "The Great Power" earned the dubious record of being the shortest run of any movie at the Capitol Theatre, New York. It was replaced with a silent comedy film after only one performance.[1]

He moved to Hollywood in 1930, where he served as a writer and director with Pathe Pictures, Inc., then owned by Joseph P. Kennedy, and also at 20th Century Fox, and other Hollywood Film Studios.

In the mid 1940s Fagan launched a one-man crusade against what he claimed was a "Red Conspiracy in Hollywood". Out of this crusade would come the Cinema Educational Guild and a series of anti-communist pamphlets.[2] The culmination of this crusade would be the 1947 congressional hearings where more than 300 famous stars, writers, and directors from Hollywood, Radio, and TV were investigated, many of whom were blacklisted as Communists. These hearings resulted in the imprisonment of the Hollywood Ten[3].

In 1945, Fagan claimed he saw secret documents of the meetings in Yalta, shown to him by author John T. Flynn, that led him to write the plays 'Red Rainbow', and 'Thieves Paradise.' Written in 1945, 'Red Rainbow' portrays Roosevelt, Stalin and others in Malta plotting to deliver the Balkans, Eastern Europe and Berlin to Stalin. Left-wing groups in the New York opposed the production of the play and Fagan had difficulties getting financial backing to produce it. Fagan took the play to Hollywood were he encountered even more protests against it than he had in New York. "Red Rainbow"

In 1953, 'Red Rainbow' was produced by Bruce Fagan and staged for 16 performances at the Royale Theatre between 14 September and 26 September.[4].

Written two years later, 'Thieves Paradise' portrays the same group plotting to create the United Nations as a Communist front for one world government.[5]

Despite opposition, 'Thieves Paradise' opened at the Las Palmas Theatre in Hollywood on December 26, 1947. It starred actor Howard Johnson who was subject to a campaign of harassment so bitter and intense that it sent him to St. Vincent's Hospital with a nervous breakdown after six performances. Johnson's mother was also a subject of this campaign against him. These incidences were investigated and corroborated by both Actors' Equity and the American Board of Arbitration. Johnson, who had appeared in three films, never made another movie in Hollywood. 'Thieves Paradise' was also produced and staged at the El Patio theatre in Hollywood in April, 1948. It opened on April 12th, and, despite protest against it, was able to complete its run. This is also mentioned in an anti-communist speech, Luxurious Hollywood made in the same theater, on December 9, 1948, by an unknown reputed Hollywood insider wearing a black mask and calling himself Mr. X.

From this period onward Fagan did not produce any further work for stage or screen, instead he wrote anti-communist and racist pamphlets, such as Hollywood Reds are On the Run, and bulletins for the remainder of his life.

The Eleventh Report of the Senate Fact-Finding Subcommittee on Un-American Activities of the California Legislature said this of Fagan's anti-Communist lists, "But those who realized their mistake and left the front organizations in disgust and disillusionment are often still carried as subversives on the Fagan lists, and therein lies the danger from any unofficial organization that undertakes to publish lists of alleged subversive organizations and individuals. They do not have the facilities, nor the authority, nor the experience to handle these matters in an expert fashion and therefore they produce an enormous amount of harm by falsely accusing individuals who are not only loyal but who have profited greatly by their unfortunate experiences in having been lured into Communist-front groups."

Between 1967 and 1968 Fagan recorded 'The Illuminati and the Council on Foreign Relations', three LP records allegedly documenting the activities of a secret society known as The Illuminati[6].

Fagan's LPs were dubbed to compact cassette by a group calling themselves the Sons of Liberty. The recordings have since been copied to mp3 format and made freely available on the Internet.

Myron C. Fagan died on 12 May 1972 in Los Angeles, California, USA.



1923 Thumbs Down
1924 Two Strangers From Nowhere
1925 Mismates
1926 The Little Spitfire
1927 Jimmie's Women
1928 A Great Power
1929 Indescretion
1930 Nancy's Private Affair
1930 Peter Flies High
1953 A Red Rainbow

Source: Internet Broadway Database[7]

Motion pictures

1926 Mismates (writer)
1929 The Great Power (writer, editor and cinematographer)
1931 Smart Woman (writer, adapted from his play 'Nancy's Private Affair')
1931 A Holy Terror (writer)

Source: Internet Movie Database[8]

Books and articles

1932 Nancy's Private Affair, A comedy in three acts
1932 Peter Flies High, A comedy in three acts
1934 The Little Spitfire, A comedy-drama in three acts
1948 Red stars in Hollywood: Their helpers, fellow travelers, and co-conspirators
1948 Moscow over Hollywood written by Myron Fagan using the pseudonym "Dan Gilbert", published by Cinema Educational Guild
1949 Moscow marches on in Hollywood (News-bulletin/Cinema Educational Guild)
1950 Reds in the Anti-Defamation League (Cinema Educational Guild. News-bulletin, May 1950)
1950 Reds in "crusade for freedom!" (News bulletin)
1950 Hollywood reds are on the run!
1950 Documentation of the Red stars in Hollywood.
1950 Reds in the Anti-Defamation League.
1951 What is this thing called anti-semitism? (News-bulletin / Cinema Educational Guild)
1951 Saga of Operation Survival (News-bulletin / Cinema Educational Guild)
1953 Hollywood backs U.N. conspiracy
1954 Red Treason on Broadway (Cinema Educational Guild)
1956 United Nations "on trial" in Washington, D.C (News-bulletin)
1962 Must we have a Cuban "Pearl Harbor?" (News-bulletin / Cinema Educational Guild)
1964 How Hollywood is brainwashing the people (News-bulletin / Cinema Educational Guild)
1964 Civil rights, most sinister tool of the great conspiracy (News-Bulletin)
1965 How greatest white nations were mongrelized, then negroized: That is the fate planned for the American people (News-bulletin)
1966 The UN already secret government of U.S.!: Our recall project can smash it! (News-bulletin)
1966 The complete truth about the "United Nations" conspiracy! (News-bulletin)
1967 You must decide fate of our nation!!!: The Negro (CFR) plot is our greatest menace! (News-bulletin)
1969 Proofs of the great conspiracy and how to smash it!!! (News-bulletin / Cinema Educational Guild)

Books and booklets

Many of these publications are described and listed for sale on [1]

  • Moscow Over Hollywood (1948)
  • Red Stars in Hollywood (1948)
  • Red Treason in Hollywood (1949)
  • Reds behind World Federalism (1949)
  • Unmasking the Reds in Hollywood (1949)
  • "Communism by any other name--!": With apologies to William Shakespeare (1949)
  • Moscow marches on in Hollywood (1949)
  • Reds in The Anti-Defamation League (1950)
  • Documentation of the Red Stars in Hollywood (1950)
  • Genocide: A menace to United States (1950)
  • Hollywood Reds are on the Run! (1950)
  • Reds in "Crusade for Freedom!" (1950)
  • Saga of Operation Survival (1951)
  • Mission to [Moscow] Hollywood (1951)
  • Hollywood Reds continue Treason (1951)
  • Vox Populi: America's Only Salvation (1951)
  • What Is This Thing Called: Anti-Semitism? (1951) No. 20
  • Eisenhower--A Truman Trap (1951)
  • We need "The American Party" (1952)
  • Lost Paradise (1952)
  • F.D.R. said: "We planned it that way" (1952)
  • The sellout in Korea! (1953)
  • The True Story of Yalta! (1953)
  • Now we must outlaw the U.N. (1954)
  • Thieves' paradise;: A comedy-drama in three acts (1954)
  • Red Treason on Broadway, 300 Top Red Stars, Writers, Directors, Producers in Television, Stage and Radio (1954)
  • How you can abolish United Nations (1954)
  • Freedom of the Promote Treason? (1954) No. 40
  • Americans: A Blueprint for Victory! (1955)
  • Documentations of U.N. Plot to destroy U.S. (1955)
  • Treason in Washington and U.N. (1955)
  • The Eisenhower Myth (1955) 28 pages
  • United Nations "On Trial" in Washington, D.C. (1956)
  • What we must do in 1956 (1956)
  • How We Are Being Brainwashed!: (1956)
  • Why "the People" Must Drive the Reds Out of TV (1957) No. 55
  • The Enemy Within (1958)
  • This is the A.D.L., Mr. Hoover! (1958) No. 63
  • Patterns of Treason...the "Genocide" Plot (1960) No. 73
  • UNESCO, No. 1 Enemy of American Youth! (1961)
  • The strange cases of Chet Huntley and Ed Murrow (1961)
  • Hollywood-TV: Reds Have Acquired Strange Protectors (1961) No. 81
  • Our Invisible Government Made Visible, Part 2 (1962) No. 88
  • UWF Plot and JFK Plot are Twin (1962) No. 92
  • Must We Have a Cuban "Pearl Harbor?"' (1962) No. 95
  • Who are the real "fright peddlers," Mister Kuchel? (1963) No. 98
  • Money is the Root of all (Washington) Evil (1963)
  • Treasonous Collusion of State Dept. with UN (1963)
  • Civil Rights, most Sinister Tool of the Great Conspiracy (1964)
  • How Hollywood is Brainwashing the People (1964) 28 pages No. 105
  • The Truth about "National Council of Churches" (1965)
  • We now have our own "Cosa Nostra" in Washington (1965) No. 109
  • Perhaps, in View of Johnson's Voting Bill, Our Last Warning!!! (1965) No. 111
  • How Greatest White Nations were Mongrelized, then Negroized: That is the Fate planned for the American People (1965) No. 114 [2]
  • The Complete Truth About the "United Nations" Conspiracy! (1966) 38 pages
  • Documentations of UN plots for take-over of U.S. (1966) No. 118
  • Two sure-fire ways to save our country! (1967)
  • Our sovereign states can save our republic (1967)
  • How to get the Reds out of all Mass Communications Media!!! (1967) No. 125
  • Why Congress must repeal the Federal Reserve Act!!! (1968)
  • Only a loyal congress can save our country!!: We have just one year to save our country!!! (1968)
  • Vote for proven Americans this year!!!: We have just one year to save our country!!! (1968)
  • Wake up Americans!!!: We have just one year left to wake up! (1968)
  • Congress must investigate Supreme Court Justices (1968)
  • UN is U.S. Cancer (1968)
  • We must set Our House (Government) in Order! (1969)
  • A Mission to be Fulfilled, Mr. Nixon! (1969)
  • Proofs of the Great Conspiracy and how to Smash It!!! (1969)
  • Christianity to be Destroyed (1969)
  • Plot to Transform USA Into A Police State - Part 1 & Part 2 (1970) No. 145
  • How and why our states are being abolished (1971)
  • How Our Patriots Die Mysteriously (1971) No. 158
  • Taxes are every True American's Concern (1972)

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