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Evall G. Johnston also Ezra Grady Johnston, Parson Jack and "Parson Jack" Johnston (June 1891 - July 17, 1961) was pastor of the Independent Baptist Tabernacle of Columbus, Georgia. In the 1920s he was a Klansman and later a leader of the Original Southern Klans, Inc. in the 1940s. Johnston was the publisher of The Trumpet and The Georgia Tribune. He had a half-hour weekly Sunday radio program on Columbus’s station WDAK.

In 1929 he was a supported of organized labor and lent his Temple for the United Garment Workers of America to hold their meetings.[1] Shortly thereafter he took a strong anti-union stance against communist infiltration of the labor movement. Local textile manufacturers supported Johnston's anti-labor publications--some say he was bought off by them. Johnston was careful not to offend the Jews since many of them were textile owners.[2]

Johnston attempted to organize the White Protestant Christian Party in August 1947. After the 1954 Brown v. Board of Education Supreme Court decision which ended segregation in public schools, Johnson founded the Christian Civic League of America.

Johnston was an associate of Gerald L.K. Smith.

Evall G. Johnston was married to Eunice Johnston.


  • Chained and Shackled (1930) booklet
  • Labor: Dangers of the C.I.O. Movement (1937) 79 pages
  • God's Plan With The Races
  • It Is Not Too Late…To Do Something About It
  • Will Communism Be Able to Overthrow Christianity?


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