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Thomas Lemuel Hamilton (March 29, 1907 - September 29, 1976) was the founder and Grand Dragon of the Association of Carolina Klans. He first joined the Klan in 1926.

Hamilton was born in Aiken, South Carolina and later moved to Augusta, Georgia where he became a grocer and a community leader. When Dr. Samuel Green of the Association of Georgia Klans died in 1949 Hamilton was considered by some to be the likely successor, however Sam Roper took over the organization. In September 1949 Hamilton sold his grocery store and moved to Leesville, South Carolina devoting his time to organizing the Association of Carolina Klans.

Hamilton served a 17 month prison sentence on a conspiracy charge and was paroled February 1954. In October 1953 Hamilton--from prison--denounced the Klan. He later and became a Baptist minister.

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