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Lyrl Clark Van Hyning (born Mary Lyrl Clark July 23, 1892 - June 9, 1973) was a national leader of the Mothers' Movement and a founder of We, the Mothers, Mobilize for America.

Early life and family

Mary Lyrl Clark was born on the family farm in 1892, to William Howard Clark and Rhoda Ann Walter Clark in Gallia County, Ohio. The Clark family had four daughters. Her father was a descendent of Revolutionary War General George Rogers Clark.[1] Lyrl's father died when she was six years old. Lyrl graduated from nearby Rio Grande College in 1913 and was the only woman in her class. She studied oratory. After graduation she worked as a teacher at the college and in public schools.

In 1915 she married George Herman Van Hyning. They had three children and for a while lived in South America where her husband worked for the Goodyear Tire Company. After more than a decade abroad they returned to the US and settled near Chicago in 1933.

Lyrl’s son Tom served as a pilot during World War II for the Army Air Corps. He was sent to South America to train pilots in Paraguay. At the end of the war he held the rank of captain and moved to Venezuela with his wife Shirley, whom he married in 1952. Tom died on May 3, 1955, when his plane crashed on a farm near Ciudad Bolivar, Venezuela.

Anti-war activism

In February 1941 Lyrl Clark Van Hyning along with Lucy Palermo and Grace Keefe founded We, the Mothers, Mobilize for America, a group organized to keep American out of war. The group started a newsletter Women’s Voice which grew into a major American nationalist newspaper published until 1962. Previously she had been a member of the America First Committee and the German American Bund.[2]


Lyrl was the daughter and wife of Masons and later discovered the organization she had admired was actually a Jewish-controlled, anti-Christian and anti-American institution. In her pamphlet on Freemasonry she wrote,

Nothing is so vital as the truth about the control of Masonry by the Jews; it is the Key to the devil's plan of destruction and chaos. It is the Eye of the Octopus-not Communism but Judaism.[3]

Later life

Her husband George died on March 31, 1960, Lyrl moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico to be with her daughters. She died of breast cancer on June 9, 1973 in New Mexico. Lyrl Clark Van Hyning was raised a Methodist but later became a Christian Scientist.


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