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Edward Albert "Ed" Fleckenstein (November 27, 1919 - June 10, 2010) of Weehawken, New Jersey was a German-American attorney and the head of Voters' Alliance of Americans of German Ancestry.


Fleckenstein was a graduate of Fordham University in New York City.[1] In the Spring of 1953, he visited West Germany addressing nationalist right wing groups. In August 1953, the State Department cancelled his passport claiming he interfered with the internal politics of a foreign nation. West Germany later expelled him from the country.

He served as attorney for the "Committee to Free Ezra Pound."

Edward Fleckenstein was a close associate of Frederick Weiss and H. Keith Thompson [2] and worked with them in the establishment of the American Committee for the Advancement of Western Culture where he served as General Counsel.[3]


Edward Fleckenstein never married.[4]

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