Henry H. Klein

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Henry H. Klein

Henry H. Klein (April 10, 1879 - July 18, 1955) was an anti-Communist anti-Zionist Jewish attorney who defended Col. Eugene Nelson Sanctuary accused in the Great Sedition Trial of 1944. The judge during the trial sentenced Klein to 90 days in jail for contempt of court.[1] Klein had to leave the case in July--six months into the trial--after receiving a number of death threats from fellow Jews.[2]

Klein contributed articles to the nationalist publication Women’s Voice. He was a Jewish convert to Christianity.[3]


  • The Fake Sedition Trial Exposed (13p).
  • Frankfurter over the White House (1945, booklet 24p)
  • A Jew exposes the Jewish World Conspiracy (booklet 24p)
  • Zionism and Slavery vs. Americanism and Freedom (booklet 4p)
  • The "4 in One",Women's Voice, 1946
  • A Jew Warns Jews (1947)
  • The Conquest of The Middle East Is Under Way, Women's Voice, (1947)
  • Zionism Rules the World (1948, booklet 12p)[1]
  • Baruch Over Congress--Rockefeller Over The World, Women's Voice
  • Republic on Trial: Washington Bar, A Bar To Justice


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