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File:Jim How on YouTube.png
Jim How on YouTube.

Peter (born c. 1961), also known as Pmtmr and various other names, is a YouTube analysist and Truth seeker who is knowledgable about matters pertaining to what he calls the "Dark Brotherhood" and the "Satanic Jews". Many of his channels have been censored on YouTube by the JIDF and other groups. Pmtmr's videos cover areas pertaining to esotericism, ecology, psychological warfare, martial arts and the cryptocracy. He is of Scandanavian ancestry from Duluth, Minnesota but keeps much of the specifics private. His current account on YouTube is ReturnofPmtmr, as Jim How was banned from uploading in July 2014.

Views and experiences

He has said in his videos that he speaks of different controversial topics that many times people different groups will like some of his videos and not others, and that he will not avoid certain topics just to please groups. Though he did temporarily try to stop speaking of the jews because they were doing a certain thing to harass him[1] and then they kept doing it, so he started again.[2] He stated he was left alone for a few days after he put up two videos saying not all jews were bad.[3] Things they do include related to extremely noisy low flying aircrafts above his home all day and YouTube throttling his uploads to extreme levels.[4]

He has stated in a video that he has had various alien abduction experiences and his ex-wife had a fetus one day mysteriously vanish, which is a common experience of abductees.[5] He also said about his ex-wife (she is part Amerindian)[6]:

My ex-wife was like that. She was put in a rubber room and she was beating on the walls and screaming until she was exhausted to the point where she couldn't scream anymore and hit anymore.


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