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Jones in his younger days.

Alexander Emerick Jones (born 11 February 1974) is an American talk radio host and a prominent conspiracy theorist. Jones regards himself as a libertarian conservative and was allied politically to the Ron Paul movement. He has also hosted Donald Trump on his program. He is best known for his websites Info Wars and Prison Planet, proliferating clips from his shows widely in online videos posted on YouTube.

The scope of material covered by Jones is broad and generally regarding the New World Order. Some of the topics include FEMA concentration camps, HAARP weather modification, and chemtrails. Jones believes that 9/11 was an "inside job" and authored a book on the topic.


Jones has claimed that the New World Order is run by Operation Paperclip "Nazis", and that the Bilderberg Group is a "Nazi-front". Jones discusses "globalists" or "Nazis" without mentioning Jewish influence. He has supported Jewish nationalism. Jones has spoken out against open borders immigration, without discussing solutions. He advocates a libertarian ideology.

He has criticised the Golden Dawn, remaining silent since they have been held as political prisoners.[1]

Jones had David Duke as a guest on his show in August 2015. Duke was allowed to talk without interruption. However only a 13-minute edited version appeared on The Alex Jones Show Youtube channel, which was deleted a few days later.[2]

He has been argued to have changed some of his views such as becoming supporter of Donald Trump in association with a divorce from his Jewish wife and the increasing popularity of Trump and the alt-right.[3]

In 2018, he was banned from many big social media sites, which has been criticized, such as for many leftist pages with far worse content not being banned, such as antifa pages openly supporting violence.[4]

Personal life

According to publicly available court documents that were discovered by a Jones critic, Alex Jones was divorced from his wife Kelly "Violet" Jones on March 23, 2015. [5]

Kelly initially filed with the 428th Judicial District Court of Hays County in December 18 2013. As part of the settlement, Jones was ordered to pay Kelly $3.1 million as well as the deed to their estate, valued at nearly $1 million. [6]


I support the Jewish state of Israel. They have been in that land. That is their land.
—Video: Alex Jones

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