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Alexander Emric (or Emerick) Jones (born 11 February 1974) is an American media personality and prominent conspiracy theorist, known for stating often highly unlikely conspiracy theories. When politically correct sources try to dismiss conspiracy theories in general, they may attempt guilt by association with Jones, implicitly making the straw man claim that anyone stating a conspiracy theory is similar to Jones.

He has sometimes been described as a "shock jock".

Jones was previously married to a Jewish wife and has avoided mentioning Jewish influence in his theories.

In 2015, Jones had David Duke as a guest but later removed this from his website and channel.[1]

Jones has often supported libertarian views, but has more recently supported less politically correct views and Donald Trump. After this, politically correct (social) mass media started censoring him, claiming disinformation, with such censorship not occurring when he previously was stating unlikely conspiracy theories but was more politically correct.

Another criticism of politically correct (social) media is that many leftists with far worse contents are not being banned, such as antifa pages openly supporting violence.[2]

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