List of societal manipulations involving Jews

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List of societal manipulations involving Jews:


Slave trade and the Americas

Starting around the early 20th century


  • Karl Marx, Leon Trotsky, and 85% of the early government of the USSR were Jews. Communism has murdered hundreds of millions of people in its own countries, starting with millions of Russians in the Soviet Union. Communism has its goal as what is depicted in the novel 1984.




  • Promotes non-whites in white countries, particularly the less intelligent ethnicities.
  • Propaganda that behaving civilized is bad and behaving like animals is good, leading society toward what the movie Idiocracy depicts.
  • White people are ostracized if they speak in support of their race or if they speak out against mass immigration.
  • Promotion of race mixing in USA and Europe.


  • Jews dominates the International financial system and banks except in a few places like Iran.[3] They use the financial system and mass media to promote Capitalism and Communism.


  • Feminism originally about women being more intelligent and thinking for themselves. Second-wave feminism which was a very jewish movement was about women having the opportunity to destroy traditional gender roles and behaving like animals (promiscuous).[4]


  • They promote hate speech about whites, particularly Germans. Questioning the Holocaust in Germany or Austria is illegal. In other countries, their Holocaust propaganda makes anyone who dares speak social outcasts.



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