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Human trafficking in Israel and associated issues such as forced labor and prostitution, including of (East) European women, is even by politically correct sources admitted to have been a large problem in the past, but is claimed to now have been reduced. While prostitution itself is legal in Israel, pimping, sex trafficking, and running a brothel are punishable by law.

In the past decade, approximately 25,000 women, nearly all from the Former Soviet Union, were smuggled into Israel over the Egyptian border to be brutalized as sex slaves. Once in Israel, victims are repeatedly sold and resold to pimps and brothel owners. They are forced to work in slave-like conditions, ruthlessly abused and exploited, suffering severe beatings, rape and often starvation.” Israel is stated to have finally started cracking down for fear of losing American aid.[1]

Less political correct stated causes of the reduction include the construction of immigration physical barriers and reduction of illegal immigrants.

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