Sigmund Freud

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Sigmund Freud

Sigmund Freud (born Sigismund Schlomo Freud; 6 May 1856 – 23 September 1939) was a Jewish physician, known for his discredited theories on the "unconscious" and sexuality and for creating pseudoscientific psychoanalysis. His theories and practices have had great influence on, for example, psychology, psychiatry, and Cultural Marxism. Criticisms have been extensive.

See the Psychoanalysis article for more details on Freud's theories and influence.


Hannibal had been the favourite hero of my later school days. Like so many boys of my age, I had sympathized in the Punic Wars not with the Romans but with the Carthaginians. And when in the higher classes I began to understand for the first time what it meant to belong to an alien race, and anti-semitic feelings among the other boys warned me that I must take up a definite position, the figure of the semitic general rose still higher in my esteem. To my youthful mind Hannibal and Rome symbolized the conflict between the tenacity of Jewry and the organization of the Catholic Church.

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