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"Kosher tax" or "Kosher food racket" are terms used by critics and refer to the money paid by food producers to Jewish certification programs (managed by Jewish religious organizations) in order to have their food classified as conforming to Jewish dietary standards (see Kosher foods) and the corresponding increase in price passed on to consumers.

Supporters of such food certification argue that the cost are small and voluntary. Critics argue the costs are very high (especially when added up from all products), that a surprising amount of food products are labelled as such despite the small number of religious Jews demanding such foods in countries outside Israel, and that, for example, Jewish influence on some food distribution companies may mean that food producers often are in effect forced to pay or their products have an increased risk of not being distributed by some companies. Also, not just food, but also many other products are affected. It may be seen as one example of Jewish supremacism.

There are related criticisms of Muslim Halal certifications.

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