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John Kaminski.

John Kaminski (born 1959) is an American writer and journalist, originally from Florida, who is best known for his works on Jewish supremacism and as a critic of Judaism. Kaminski previously edited several different newspapers as part of his journalist career, but became less politically correct after looking into the events of 9/11 and coming to the conclusion that the government wasn't telling the truth about it.



  • America's Autopsy Report: A Collection of John Kaminski's Internet Essays
  • The Day America Died: Why You Shouldn't Believe the Official Story of What Happened on 911
  • The Perfect Enemy: John Kaminski's Internet Essays Vol. 2
  • Recipe for Extinction: John Kaminski's Internet Essays Vol. 3


Jewish TV networks, Jewish Hollywood, Jewish magazines, Jewish control of Congress, the White House and the Supreme Court, Jewish control of universities and the American Federation of Teachers, Jewish control of the American Medical Association and the American Bar Association, American cops training to kill in Israel, everyone in America being afraid to speak out about Jews for fear of losing their jobs, AIPAC and the ADL advocating prison terms for those who protest Israel's continuing crimes against humanity, Christian denominations worried about their tax-exempt status fearful of commenting on Jewish atrocities, Monsanto (once slave traders, then weapons makers, and now in control of world's food supply) peddling poisons, and Jewish control of the Internet through Google, Wikipedia and control of the chokepoints of ISPs and wireless networks — all conspire to terrify the American populace into fearful silence even as they are being sickened and terminated by this twisted Talmudic terror.
The Jews are traitors to every country that they live in. Everyone in the entire world needs to wake up and realise what Jewish influence, Jewish poison medicine, Jewish fake wars and Jewish control of their money supplies have done to everyone in the entire world. It is easily the greatest crime ever committed by humans. The sad thing about Jewish philosophy is, after they wind up destroying everybody else, they won't be able to avoid destroying themselves.
Jews promote diversity because it dilutes the ethnic fabric of nations and allows the tribe to assimilate and exploit more efficiently. They are better able to hide in a confusing racial mix, where people are less likely to notice they are ruthless Asian nomads, who destroy societies because they never really had one of their own that they didn't steal from someone else.

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