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This article contains a list of alternative media websites.




Project Figure Format Coverage Links
Infowars and Prison PlanetAlex JonesNews, video, radio, podcast, forumGlobalism, New World Order, banking, HAARP, FEMA, big pharma, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, etc.[1][2][3][4]
Cutting Through the MatrixAlan WattArticles, radio, podcast, bookstoreGlobalism, New World Order, United Nations, Agenda 21, Fabianism, banking, geopolitics, etc.[5][6][7]
Spingola SpeaksDeanna SpingolaArticles, radio, bookstoreWorld War II history, cryptocracy, Jewish supremacism, Zionism, Marxism, etc.[8][9]
Truth Militia RadioJohn FriendNews, blog, mp3, radioGlobalism, New World Order, 9/11 truth, Jewish supremacism, Marxism, Zionism, history, etc.[10][11][12][13]
UK ColumnBrian GerrishNews, video, radio, podcastGlobalism, New World Order, government paedophilia, Common Purpose, European Union, banking, etc.[14][15]
The Political PortAnonymousNews, video blogGlobalism, New World Order, gun civil rights, Big Pharma, American politics, etc.[16]

Articles and blogs

Project Figure Format Coverage Links
MetapediaVarious contributorsArticles, encyclopediaEuropean view of arts, culture, science and history.[17][18][19]
On the ContraryMichael A. Hoffman IIBlog, news, bookstoreRevisionist history, Freemasonry, Judaism, cryptocracy, psychological warfare, Zionism, etc.[20][21][22]
Save the MalesHenry MakowArticles, news, bookstoreRadical feminism, Globalism, Freemasonry, Illuminati, Kabbalism, Zionism, etc.[23][24]
Real Zionist NewsNathanael KapnerArticles, news, videoJewish Question, Globalism, Christianity, Jewish Wars, Jewish crimes, Zionism etc.[25][26][27][28]
Winston Smith Ministry of TruthAnonymousArticles, news, blogJewish Question, Kabbalism, Marxism, Zionism, Freemasonry, Jewish crimes and wars, etc.[29]
Zion Crime FactoryAnonymousArticles, news, blogJewish Question, New World Order, 9/11, Marxism, Zionism, Jewish crimes and wars, etc.[30][31]
Rebel Institute for New World Order StudiesAnonymousArticles, news, blog, videos, booksGlobalism, New World Order, freemasonry, Jewish crimes, climate change, mind control, etc.[32][33][34]
The Conspiracy of King ArthurSimon GibsonArticles, news, libraryChristianity, patriotism, anti-multicult, 9/11, Jewish crimes and wars, Marxism, Zionism, etc.[35]
DavidIcke.comDavid IckeArticles, news, forumNew World Order, Globalism, banking, Zionism, bloodlines, cryptocracy, reptilian humanoids, etc.[36]
Alchemy RadioJohn GibbonsRadio, podcastNew World Order, Globalism, banking, New Age spirituality, esotericism, cryptocracy, etc.[37][38][39][40]
Fitzpatrick InformerTimothy FitzpatrickBlog, articlesJudeo-Masonic conspiracy, New World Order, Sexual Bolshevism, Truth movement, etc.[41]

General networks

Network Format Contributors Links
Republic Broadcasting Networkradio, podcast, newsStadtmiller • Collins Piper • Adams • McLamb • Rivero • Winterrowd • Tillawi • Parker • Moore • Watt • Anderson • Weeks • Hodges • McGreevy • Spingola • Tocco • Tourney • Kirk • Corbett • McCarthy • Shoaf • Bolt • Clifford • Drockton • Ellis • Carley • Bauer • James • Samsel • Canal • Eyre • Bolinger[42]
Oracle Broadcasting Networkradio, podcast, chatroomsRogers • Giuliani • Owen • Chowda • Freeland • Newberry • Storm • McGrath • Rense • Denovo • Passio • The Celtic Rebel • Herzog • Anthony • Sledge • Hunt • Fetcho • Erb • Sholly • Williams[43][44]
Renegade Broadcastingradio, podcast, chatroomsHunt • Sledge • Roccapriore • The Celtic Rebel • Lugh • Siegfried • Dave from Texas[45][46][47]
The Truthseekernews, articlesReese • Shamir • Fisk • Bollyn • Pilger • Avnery • Atzmon • Stewart • Kaminski • Xymphora • Nimmo • Riverbend • Dahr Jamail • Wells • Madsen • Syzmanski • Watson • Stokes • Whitney • Murray • Winkler • Smoking Mirrors • James • Boyle • Vigilant Citizen • Les Visible • Adams • MacDonald • Roberts • Darkmoon[48]

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