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Judeo-Masonry (and its cognate Judeo-Masonic) refers to argued associations between Jews and Freemasonry.

Critics of Jewish influence have argued that the "mysteries" of Freemasonry have to some degree been influenced by Kabbalah (partly through Rosicrucianism), that Freemasonry by allowing Jews to be members allowed Jews to gain influence in societies that had historically tried to prevent this through various measures, that several influential Jews have been Freemasons, and that Jews and Freemasons often have had similar aims. This does not necessarily imply an organized conspiracy (see the article on conspiracy theories) but conspiracy allegations have been made (notably in The Protocols of the Elders of Zion).

Such views as well as critical views on argued relationships to Zionism are today likely more common in Muslim rather than in Western countries and have contributed to the decline (and often to the prohibition) of Freemasonry in many Muslim countries.

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