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John Robert Friend (born 1986) is an American writer and radio host in the alternative media, who is best known for his show The Realist Report and his blog John Friend's Blog. He is originally from Nebraska, but moved to San Diego, California. Friend got his start as an activist in the local 9/11 truth and anti-Iraq War movement: he found out about the argued Israeli connections and sought to bring knowledge about it to a wider consciousness. He was a contributor to the American Free Press from 2013-14, but due to giving or planning to give a radio platform to Tom Metzger and Fritz Berg, who are noted for their anti-Carto, anti-AFP positions (unknown to Friend), Willis Carto dropped him from AFP.

His interest in the 9/11 subject, brought him into contact over the internet with other activists, such as Mike Delaney of Prothink who is associated with the 9/11 Missing Links documentary. He began to make appearances on shows such as The Real Deal with Jim Fetzer as a guest. Friend began to transfer from just street activism and writing about this field, to radio programming in 2012, with Truth Militia Radio. He developed a wider knowledge of Jewish supremacism during this time through research and also a pro-ethnic European nationalist position. After leaving Truth Militia in 2013, Friend for a time hosted The Realist Report on the American Nationalist Network with Rodney Martin, but is now on an independent path.



There is no doubt that 9/11 was a Jewish operation from start to finish that advanced a particular Jewish agenda both internationally and within the United States (and Western world generally). 9/11 was used to officially initiate the fraudulent international "Global War on Terror", which Jewish intellectuals, propagandists, and strategists have long planned for, and to justify the tyrannical and Orwellian "Homeland Security" agenda within the United States. I began this blog to expose these facts, and do so on a regular basis, both in written form and on my radio broadcasts. 9/11 was planned, orchestrated, and covered up by Jewish criminals controlling the United States government and media who have direct ties to the state of Israel.

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