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This articles contains a list of patriotic websites for ethnic European national liberation politics across the world. The most notable websites are listed for each country, including news, well established blogs, parties and personalities of note. Also included are paeloconservative, New Right, nationalists and traditionalist sites.


Name Format Active Links
Metapedia Articles, encyclopedia Yes [1][2][3]
Majority Rights Articles, news, blog Yes [4]
Right World Articles, news, interviews Yes [5]
Unity of Nobility Articles, news, blog Unknown [6][7]
Alternative Social Social media, networking Yes [8]
The Phora Forum Unknown [9]
The Apricity Forum Yes [10]
Germanic Worlds Forum No[1] [11]
Lumine Boreali Forum Yes [12]
Skadi Forum Forum No [13]
Stirpes Europaeae Forum No [14]
Altermedia Articles, news No [15]
Europa Network Articles, news No [16]
European Knights Project Articles, news Yes [17]
Metaidentity Articles, news, blog Yes [18]
Stormfront Forum, blogs Yes [19]
Vanguard News Network Forum, blogs, multimedia Yes [20]
Greenpilled Propaganda posters Under maintenance [21]
Nordic Resistance Movement Articles, news, blog Yes [22]



Name Format Active Links
Adelaide Institute Articles, news Yes [23]
Elliot Lake News Articles, blog, news Unknown [24]


Name Format Active Links
National reporter Articles, news Unknown [25]


Name Format Active Links Articles Unknown [26] News, blog, articles Yes [27]


Name Format Active Links
Vastarinta Articles, news, blog Under maintanance [28]


Name Format Active Links
Balder Ex-Libris Online library Yes [29]
Histoire Ebook Online library Yes [30]
The Savoisien Articles, news, blog Yes [31]
GalliaWatch Articles, news, blog Yes [32]
LoveGoyim Videos No [33]
Démocratie Participative Articles, news, blog, podcast, videos Yes [34][35][36][37][38][39][40][41][42][43]


Name Format Active Links
Golden Dawn International Newsroom Articles, news Unknown [44]
HellasFrappe Articles, news, blog Yes [45]
That Time Has Come Articles, news, blog Yes [46]


Name Format Active Links
Hungarian Ambiance Articles, news Yes [47] Articles, news Yes [48]
Kitartá Articles, news Unknown [49]
Kuruc.Info Articles, news Yes [50]
Suttogó Forum Unknown [51]


Name Format Active Links
Norduvigi News, blog, articles Yes [52]


Name Format Active Links
Thought and Action News, blog, articles Unknown [53]
The Irish Savant News, blog, articles Unknown [54]
Scotic Monarchy News, blog, articles No [55]
Irish Tribesman News, blog, articles No [56]
Irish Monarchist News, blog, articles Yes [57]
Movement to Save Ireland News, blog, articles No [58]
Ireland's Destiny In Irish Hands Videos No [59] Forum No [60] Forum Unknown [61]
Irish Nationalist Brotherhood Blog, videos Yes [62]


Name Format Active Links Forum Yes [63][64][65]
Il Primato Nazionale Articles, news Yes [66]


Name Format Active Links Articles, news, blog Yes [67] Articles, news, blog Yes [68]


Name Format Active Links Articles, forum Unknown [69][70] Articles, blogs Yes [71]
Moståndsrö Articles, blogs Yes [72] Articles, blogs Unknown [73] Podcast Yes [74]

United Kingdom

Name Format Active Links News, video Yes [75][76] News, video Unknown [77][78]
Nationalist Unity Forum News, blog, forum Unknown [79]
The British Resistance News, blog, forum Unknown [80][81]
Western Spring News, blog, articles Unknown [82]
Traditional Britain Group News, blog, articles Yes


Folkish Revolution Articles, blog Unknown [84]
John Hardon's Blog News, blog, articles, videos Unknown [85]
UK Enrichment News News, articles, memorials No [86]
The Fallen List News, articles, memorials No [87]
Final Conflict News, blog No [88]
MarmiteMan4 / Revolution and Progress Videos, news, blog Unknown [89][90][91] News, blog Unknown [92]
UKGS TV Videos, blog Unknown [93][94]
Brits4Britain Videos Unknown [95]
British New Right Videos No [96]
Birmingham Nationalist News, blog Unknown [97][98]
Bolton Patriot News, blog Unknown [99]
Musings of a Durotrigan News, blog No [100]
Orwell's Picnic News, blog Unknown [101]
British Peoples League Radio, wma Yes [102]
Candour News, blog Yes [103]
Celtic-Anglo Press News, videos Yes [104][105][106]

United States

Name Format Active Links
Alternative Right News, blog, articles Yes [107][108]
Taki's Magazine News, blog, articles Yes [109]
The Occidental Observer News, blog, articles Yes [110]
Top Conservative News News, articles Yes [111]
The New Observer News, blog, articles No [112]
Western Voices World News News, forum, store Yes [113]
The Political Cesspool News, radio Yes [114]
RamZPaul News, video blog Yes [115][116][117] News, blog, articles Yes [118]
Voice of Reason News, mp3, blog No [119] News, blog Yes [120]
World View Foundations / American Nationalist Network News, mp3, blog, radio, articles Yes [121][122]
The White Network News, mp3, blog, radio, articles Yes [123] News, video blog Yes [124][125]
The Conspiracy of King Arthur Articles, news, library Yes [126]
National News Channel Videos Unknown [127]
Red Shirt Army Videos Yes [128]

Non-European Anti-Zionist


Name Format Active Links
Press TV News, videos, articles Yes [129]


Name Format Active Links
Al-Manar News, videos Yes [130]
Almoqawama Alislamia News, articles, images Unknown [131]
Alahednews News, articles Yes [132]

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