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This articles contains a partial list of patriotic websites.



Name Format Active Links
MetapediaArticles, encyclopediaYes[1][2][3]
Majority RightsArticles, news, blogYes[4]
Right WorldArticles, news, interviewsYes[5]
Unity of NobilityArticles, news, blogYes[6][7]
Alternative SocialSocial media, networkingYes[8]
The PhoraForumYes[9]
The ApricityForumYes[10]
Germanic WorldsForumYes[11]
Lumine BorealiForumYes[12]
Skadi ForumForumNo[13]
Stirpes EuropaeaeForumNo[14]
AltermediaArticles, newsNo[15]
Europa NetworkArticles, newsNo[16]
European Knights ProjectArticles, newsYes[17]
MetaidentityArticles, news, blogNo[18]
StormfrontForum, blogsYes[19]
Vanguard News NetworkForum, blogs, multimediaYes[20]



Name Format Active Links
Adelaide InstituteArticles, newsYes[21]
Elliot Lake NewsArticles, blog, newsYes[22]


Name Format Active Links
National reporterArticles, newsYes[23]


Name Format Active Links


Name Format Active Links
Balder Ex-LibrisOnline libraryYes[25]
Histoire EbookOnline libraryYes[26]
The SavoisienArticles, news, blogYes[27]
GalliaWatchArticles, news, blogYes[28]


Name Format Active Links
Golden Dawn International NewsroomArticles, newsYes[30]
HellasFrappeArticles, news, blogYes[31]
That Time Has ComeArticles, news, blogYes[32]


Name Format Active Links
Hungarian AmbianceArticles, newsYes[33]
Jobbik.comArticles, newsYes[34]
Kitartás.huArticles, newsYes[35]
Kuruc.InfoArticles, newsYes[36]


Name Format Active Links
Thought and ActionNews, blog, articlesYes[38]
The Irish SavantNews, blog, articlesYes[39]
Scotic MonarchyNews, blog, articlesNo[40]
Irish TribesmanNews, blog, articlesNo[41]
Irish MonarchistNews, blog, articlesYes[42]
Movement to Save IrelandNews, blog, articlesYes[43]
Ireland's Destiny In Irish HandsVideosYes[44]


Name Format Active Links


Name Format Active Links
Nordisk.nuArticles, forumYes[48][49]
Motpol.nuArticles, blogsYes[50]

United Kingdom

Name Format Active Links, videoYes[51][52], videoYes[53][54]
Nationalist Unity ForumNews, blog, forumYes[55]
The British ResistanceNews, blog, forumYes[56][57]
Western SpringNews, blog, articlesYes[58]
Traditional Britain GroupNews, blog, articlesYes


Folkish RevolutionArticles, blogYes[60]
John Hardon's BlogNews, blog, articles, videosYes[61]
UK Enrichment NewsNews, articles, memorialsYes[62]
The Fallen ListNews, articles, memorialsYes[63]
Final ConflictNews, blogYes[64]
MarmiteMan4 / Revolution and ProgressVideos, news, blogYes[65][66][67]
SimonDarby.netNews, blogYes[68]
UKGS TVVideos, blogYes[69][70]
British New RightVideosYes[72]
Birmingham NationalistNews, blogYes[73][74]
Bolton PatriotNews, blogYes[75]
Musings of a DurotriganNews, blogYes[76]
Orwell's PicnicNews, blogYes[77]
British Peoples LeagueRadio, wmaYes[78]
CandourNews, blogYes[79]
Celtic-Anglo PressNews, videosYes[80][81][82]

United States

Name Format Active Links
Alternative RightNews, blog, articlesYes[83]
Taki's MagazineNews, blog, articlesYes[84]
The Occidental ObserverNews, blog, articlesYes[85]
Top Conservative NewsNews, articlesYes[86]
The New ObserverNews, blog, articlesYes[87]
Western Voices World NewsNews, forum, storeYes[88]
The Political CesspoolNews, radioYes[89]
RamZPaulNews, video blogYes[90][91][92]
Buchanan.orgNews, blog, articlesYes[93]
Voice of ReasonNews, mp3, blogNo[94]
TheAmericanFreedomParty.usNews, blogYes[95]
World View Foundations / American Nationalist NetworkNews, mp3, blog, radio, articlesYes[96][97]
The White NetworkNews, mp3, blog, radio, articlesYes[98]
DavidDuke.comNews, video blogYes[99][100]
The Conspiracy of King ArthurArticles, news, libraryYes[101]
National News ChannelVideosYes[102]
Red Shirt ArmyVideosYes[103]

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