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The Phora
The Phora.jpg
Existence 2001—present
Type internet forum
Purpose Politics, History, Philosophy, Science

The Phora (previously known as The Lyceum and the Freedom Forums) is a popular Internet forum dedicated to discussions of politics, history, philosophy, science, religion, the occult and paranormal, and an array of additional topics.



The present incarnation of The Phora was launched in August 2005, but earlier versions date back to 2002. The Phora's mission is to serve as "a 'free speech' forum where people from all walks of life and ideological persuasion meet for discussion of all the issues of the past, present, and future." To that end, The Phora "does not endorse any political, religious, or racial opinion, except for the right to dissent through speech and/or thought."[1] Due to this policy, The Phora has attracted many posters who are often banned at other sites for their controversial opinions.

While primarily an English-language forum, The Phora does have active sub-forums devoted to discussions in other languages. The forum is noted for its somewhat usual demography compared to many other political forums; it includes free and uncensored discussion amongst national socialists, communists, monarchists, anarchists, conservatives, libertarians and others. There is also a section on "Jewology" and the website has been attacked by the Anti-Defamation League.[2][3]

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