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The Gadsden flag which has been used, appropriated, and adopted by Libertarianists

Libertarianism refers to several ideologies/movements that advocate reducing or minimizing various forms of argued negative restrictions on individuals in order to achieve "liberty". In the United States, the term often refers to extreme forms of classical liberalism, but especially elsewhere the term may refer to anti-governmental forms of socialism. Another division among libertarians is between minarchism, support for a minimal state, and anarchism, support for a stateless society. Specific terms for capitalist and socialist forms of anarchism are anarcho-capitalism and social anarchism. See also nationalism and anarchism.


Libertarianism is a vision of how people should be able to live their lives—as individuals, striving to realize the best they have within them; together, cooperating for the common good without compulsion. It is a vision of how people may endow their lives with meaning—living according to their deepest beliefs and taking responsibility for the consequences of their actions.
"We should never define Libertarian positions in terms coined by liberals or conservatives – nor as some variant of their positions. We are not fiscally conservative and socially liberal. We are Libertarians, who believe in individual liberty and personal responsibility on all issues at all times. You can depend on us to treat government as the problem, not the solution."
—Harry Browne, libertarian author and politician
You cannot simultaneously have free immigration and a welfare state.

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