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The Libertarian Party is a (right-wing) libertarian United States political party founded in 1971.

It is one of the largest continuing Third parties. There are 411,250 voters registered as Libertarian in the 27 states that report Libertarian registration statistics and Washington, D.C. By that count, as well as popular vote in elections and number of candidates run per election, the LP is the country's third largest nationally organized party.

Favored policies include typically classical liberal positions such as minimally regulated laissez-faire markets, minimally regulated migration, minimally regulated free trade, non-interventionism in foreign policy, and strong civil liberties. The party supports the legalization of all "victimless" crimes, including drugs, pornography, prostitution, polygamy, gambling, removal of restrictions on homosexuality, opposes any kind of censorship and supports freedom of speech, and supports the right to keep and bear arms while opposing Federal capital punishment.

Libertarian variants such as Randian Objectivism, anarcho-capitalism, and paleolibertarianism have often had uneasy or hostile relationships with the Libertarian Party.

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