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The common symbol used mainly by AnCaps, yellow represents Libertarianism or Capitalism and black representing Anarchy. Also is used by Anticom for other purposes not relating to AnCaps

Anarcho-capitalism is the most extreme form of classical liberalism and (right-wing) libertarianism. It argues for some form of combination of anarchism and capitalism.

Many anarcho-capitalists (and right-wing libertarians more generally) have been influenced by the non-mainstream "Austrian School" of economics and philosophy. It originated in late-19th and early-20th century Vienna. Many prominent members, who were often Jews, emigrated from Austria to the United States and the United Kingdom before and during World War Two. The most extreme variant of the Austrian School dismisses much of modern economic theory and rejects empirical methods and mathematical and statistical models as inapplicable to economics. This variant is in particular associated with the Jewish Ludwig von Mises and the Jewish Murray Rothbard. Rothbard created the term "anarcho-capitalism" and has had great influence on the anarcho-capitalist movement. The Ludwig von Mises Institute is an organization promoting the Austrian School and anarcho-capitalism.

There are numerous criticisms of anarcho-capitalism (and anarchism more generally), such as states having a legal monopoly on certain functions (such as military protection) in a particular territory being "natural monopolies" that will inevitably develop in any high population density area. See the Liberalism article on criticisms of classical liberalism.

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