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The Skadi Forum was a "Germanic online community forum" and a "free speech forum for people of Germanic heritage".

"Skadi Forum supports the preservation of our Germanic heritage, the development of an all-Germanic consciousness, as well as the defense or reestablishment of the Germanic leitkultur in all Germanic states, communities, and places of settlement. Skadi Forum acknowledges the differences between Germanic cultural branches, such as the Anglo-Saxon, the German, the Netherlandic, and the Scandinavian, and supports their future advancement and their regional diversification in accordance with their nature.

Although we do not desire to define ourselves negatively, we, in light of reoccurring misunderstandings, desire to express clearly that Skadi Forum is not a white nationalist, white supremacist, pan-European, pan-Aryan, Hollywood Nazi or racist forum and that it considers such and similar unitizing, collectivist, totalitarian, oppressive and anti-pluralist ideas incompatible with our freedom-loving Germanic spirit and our diverse and enlightened Germanic societies."