Voice of Reason Radio Network

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Voice of Reason Radio Network
Voice of Reason.png
Existence 2008—2012
Type internet radio
Purpose Alternative media
American nationalism
White nationalism
Location United States
Leader Mike Conner

The Voice of Reason Radio Network[1] was a radio broadcasting network which dealt with topics relevant for Europeans and European Americans. It operated from April 2008 until July 2012. The network was brought into being by Dietrich Mullis and Mark (Mishko) Novosel, who broke away from doing radio with Alex Linder's group at Vanguard News Network (VNN). The name of the new network was to be “Whitelandia,” but, as some others disagreed with the emphasis on “White”, it became Voice of Reason[2]. Peter Schaenk, who had “star quality” from his stint at Republic Broadcasting Network (from where he had been fired without warning) agreed to join the network with a daily M-F show, “War of Perception.” Eventually, a disagreement with Mullis over network control caused Schaenk to leave[3].

Some of the lesser “stars” after Schaenk were Jamie Kelso, Tom Sunic, Matthew Raphael Johnson and Paul Fromm. Carolyn Yeager started her first radio program on March 1, 2010 at around the same time that Robert Stark's The Stark Truth was added. Mark Weber returned with a new weekly show “The Mark Weber Report” on March 23, 2011.

Mike Conner's Role

Mike Conner volunteered to help with technical work sometime in 2009[4], eventually moving up to the title of Program Director. In 2010 Dietrich began dropping away, leaving Conner to fill his shoes. Conner did succeed in increasing the number of program offerings. In December 2010, Conner, who was in de facto control of the website and server by this time, stopped posting already-recorded shows and “disappeared” for three weeks. He was forgiven for this, but in mid-2011 he did it again, but for a shorter time. Mishko Novosel became so disgusted that Conner wouldn't respond to his or anyone's calls (according to a private telephone conversation) that he quit the network he had created, saying he had sunk $10,000 into it already and was not going to add another penny.

Conner, then the only one at the helm, began turning his attention to funding and settled on an idea to sell advertising on the website, and on the programs during intermissions. He discussed this with several people. This plan did not get off the ground before other problems arose. Carolyn Yeager gave notice she was leaving to form her own network, and did her last The Heretics' Hour broadcast from VoR on May 14, 2012. At the end of June, the VoR main server crashed[5] and Conner announced on the website that he would purchase a new server. However, audio problems[6] with live shows occurred because of incompatibility between the old programming and the new up-to-date server. Conner sounded optimistic but the programming stopped without any clear explanation. The website went offline because of lack of payment. Dietrich Mullis said he paid the bill to put the website back online, where it remains still today as an archive only. Mike Conner posted his last announcement[7] on Nov. 10, 2012.

Radio Shows

The network broadcast various shows through the Internet and was host to six different shows, which could be streamed through the website or downloaded as podcasts.

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